Decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Decorating on a budget isn’t easy, but having an overall plan before you begin, whether you’ll be completing the process in just a day or over the course of years, can help you save time and money. Being creative with your purchases and thinking outside the box can make your home unique and reflect your personality, not just a catalog advertisement.

5 Easy Tips for Decorating on a Budget

White ironstone pitcher. Article 5 Easy Tips for Decorating on a Budget by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating

#1 – Start with a Game Plan

Planning out the space in advance will save you time & money later. Look beyond the room you want to make over to the adjoining rooms, especially if they are visible from one to the next. Give the house a cohesive feel by working with a color scheme that ties it all together. Know how each space is going to function. Then work in small “bites” to pull it together as funds are available.

#2 – Use a Variety of Sources for your Decor

My home has quite a bit of high-end furniture. It also has amazing things I’ve found at Goodwill and yard sales. Learning what works and what doesn’t, regardless of cost, will allow you to combine your favorite pieces with things you find when you least expect it. If you love the look of Pottery Barn but can’t afford their catalog, you can duplicate that look easily or contact me to help you come up with your plan.

#3 – Details!

Accessories can change the look and feel of a room. The same furniture that functions well and complements the space can go from rustic to shabby chic to traditional simply by changing out the accessories you use.

#4 –  Liven up the Walls

Gallery walls of family photos, large or small pieces of art you’ve collected, ironworks, antiques – any of these can be art that you hang. I once even hung a fireplace screen on a wall that needed a large piece of art to fill it. Think beyond just canvas and family photos for ideas. Call me and I’ll come help you sort through your collections for great ways to display and enjoy them.

#5 – Use what you already have

I love repurposing furniture, or bringing goodwill finds back from the dead with a sanding and coat of paint. Recycle/upcycle what you already own into a new life. Recover a chair. Make an ottoman out of an old table. Frame a mirror with moulding and create a custom look. Turn an old dresser into an entertainment unit. Or, if something just doesn’t feel right in an area, try using it in a different way in a different room.

If you aren’t the “crafty” type, or just have trouble visualizing it on your own, call me today and let me help you come up with the cohesive plan. Then you can decide which of the projects you want to tackle yourself, and which you need a professional decorator to help you achieve.


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