There is always a method to my madness when developing a plan for a master bedroom. It should be a complete oasis from the world. Think about these 7 steps to create your own dreamy master bedroom.

Creating a dreamy master bedroom. A dark, restful color palette is lightened up with shades of silver & white in this Master Bedroom by Crystal Ortiz of Bluestone Decorating
The Master Bedroom should be a dreamy, restful oasis from the world.

Start with the BED.

What size bed will go in the room? King, Queen, Full… the choices will depend on the use of the room, who will occupy it, and the overall size of the room. You should have 24″ between the wall and the bed, and 36″ if there is a swinging door, such as a closet or bathroom.

Do you want a headboard? If so, do you have it or do you need to purchase or create one? If you already have one and just want to update the look, that’s a relatively inexpensive fix.

Are there height restrictions? In my Master bedroom, there is a ceiling fan that we must be careful of when arranging furniture. Some rooms in semi-older homes have lower ceilings, so an 8′ pencil post may not fit. Be aware of structural limitations.

Does your mattress or box springs need replaced? Now is a good time to do that. Your body will thank you for it, and you won’t feel like you spent time & money creating an oasis in a room you can’t be comfortable in.

Where will you place the bed? I’m a firm believer that the foot of the bed should face the doorway whenever possible, so you can see the door when laying down. Are there windows that face east? Placing your bed where the sun comes in your eyes each morning means you either plan to be an early bird, or you need curtains that block out that early morning light.

Do you need your curtains to block light? Decorative only? Privacy? Think about these things when choosing them.

Bedding sets the tone.

Do you love color? Neutrals? Do you like to decorate seasonally and change the bedding throughout the year?

Spend more on the bedding and save in other areas. Good sheets and bedding are important. If you need to save money, do it with curtains, throw pillows, and accessories.

I recommend AT A MINIMUM one extra set of sheets. Two is preferable. You’ll have one on the bed, one in the laundry, and a back-up should there be a reason you didn’t get the laundry done or something happens where one set is ruined.

Do you want to change your sheets seasonally? Flannel for the colder months; cotton, satin, or other lightweight fabrics for the warmer months?

Curtains do NOT have to be an exact match to the bedding, but should complement. Try matching them up to one of your throw pillows instead, or go with a solid in a color you pull from the comforter or quilt.

And speaking of throw pillows… don’t put 20 on your bed. You will hate taking them off each night and putting them back on each morning. Limit yourself to three. If you have other furnishings, such as a bench or a sitting area, those are great spots to help with your pillow addiction.

Storage IS important!

How will you store your clothing? Your jewelry? Your shoes? Your junk drawer will be…? What about your out-of-season clothing? And all of the other things that end up in your bedroom because there is nowhere else to put it?

Adding Other Furnishings

What furniture do you need for storage? Dressers? Chests? Armoire? Where will you be able to place those pieces so that the room doesn’t get overstuffed?

How high is your bed? Your night stands should be no more than 2″ higher or lower than the top of your mattress. Don’t limit yourself to just the short style with 2 drawers – try a taller table or a bookcase as a night stand.

Are there seating needs in the room? Do you have a large master bedroom that can accommodate a seating area? A corner for a chair that also allows you to tie your shoes in the morning?

Think outside the furniture store box. You don’t have to buy a 6-piece matching bedroom suite. Mix & match and choose pieces you love.

What lighting do you need?

An overhead light is great to light the entire room, especially from a switch at the door.

Lamps are good for task lighting – reading in bed or lighting a dark area.

Sconces are also nice ambient lighting and can be used in place of lamps when space is limited.

I’m personally a fan of timers on lamps. The light comes on in the evening as it gets dark and goes off at my regular bedtime. A good reminder that I need to get to sleep as well as nice when I’m already comfortable and don’t want to go across the room to turn off the lamp. Or you can try the old “Clap On, Clap Off” method…

Color sets the mood of the room

I always recommend soothing, relaxing colors in bedrooms. Hot pink is beautiful. I love it. But I don’t recommend it for your bedroom if you want to settle down in the evening. Use it as an accent color, or try a different shade of pink if it’s that important. I also love red, but it’s very energizing and again, will play tricks with your brain when you enter the room.

Choose neutral tones, or my personal favorite bedroom color is a shade of blue that calms & soothes. Grays, greens, and browns are good neutral choices as well. Use these as your main color and limit your brighter colors to an accent.

What colors look good on you? On your partner? Don’t choose a yellow bedroom if that color is very unflattering on you. Especially if you’re trying to create a romantic space.

Got a battle of the sexes on your hands when it comes to color and style? One of my many talents is blending your taste with your partner’s to make a space that BOTH of you can love.


What else will the room be used for? Hint: It should not involve treadmills, home offices, or other stimulating activities if you want it to feel like an oasis.

What personal items do you have that you love? This is the most private area of your home. If it’s a very personal item, this is the best place for it to be displayed. You will be able to enjoy it without putting it on display for the rest of the world.

What electronics will you have in the room? Clocks? Tablet? Computer? Television? Address not only their storage or space within the room, but a layout that makes sense as well. Again, I urge you to limit the electronics if you are going for restful space.

Mirrors are always needed in a bedroom. We all need a double-check before we walk out the door. They’re also great for reflecting light. BUT, keep in mind where they are placed and what they reflect back at you.

My husband has a chair, something that he bought long before we were married. Sitting in it, he’s in his most favorite place in the world. I was able to incorporate his ugly little chair into our bedroom by not fighting it, but blending it into the decor. No, I would never take away the one place this man can truly relax in for the sake of decorating, and you don’t have to, either. Working with what you already own can sometimes be a challenge, but I decorate homes for lifestyles, not magazines.

Your own Dreamy Master Bedroom

Have fun decorating! And if you find you just don’t know where to start, call me and let me help you with a design plan. I can do consultation-only plans that allow you to do the work and use my expertise to give you a Dreamy Master Bedroom. These are some of my absolute favorite rooms to create, and I’d be more than happy to create one just for you.

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