We have all probably experienced it, although for some it may not be a “light bulb” moment. You walk into a room of your home, perhaps after looking through a magazine or watching TV, and are sooooo over your decor. It seems that clutter is your signature accessory, and you never liked those darn curtains but had to have SOMETHING to cover the windows. My friend, it may be a sign that it’s time to redecorate.

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8 Signs it’s time to Redecorate

Are you feeling that something is out of balance? Just not right? You may not even be able to put your finger on why your home isn’t your happy place anymore. Here are just a few signs that it may be time to make a few changes at home.

Sign #1 – Your Lifestyle Has Recently Changed

Whether it’s a new member of the family (cat, dog, baby, grandma…) or the kids are growing up and your nest is emptying, a recent lifestyle change can often signify that it’s time to make a few changes at home. Perhaps it’s a divorce that means you’re now the only one you must please. Or a new marriage which means it’s yours/theirs/ours and must be combined cohesively. Whatever the reason may be, you may find that your decor is now ready for a change as well.

Maybe you’ve waited 20 years with hand-me-down furniture from your parents, waiting for the day when there would no longer be muddy handprints to worry about. Or just maybe, you had to prioritize funding college and braces and AAU teams, but now the young’uns are more independent, which means you have a little more financial freedom in your household.

A lifestyle change is the biggest sign it’s time to make a fresh start in your home.

Sign #2 – You’re Constantly Checking Local Real Estate Listings

Find yourself creeping on Zillow or dreaming of just moving out and starting over? This is another tell-tale sign that it may not be the house, which you actually do love, but the decor that is driving you to weekend Open Houses.

You may just need a fresh set of eyes to help you look at your home again. Someone to see all of the potential you saw in it when you signed on the dotted line. I can help you get excited about those possibilities again. And redecorating is a lot less expensive and less hassle than moving across town.

Sign #3 – You’re Uninspired in Your Home

If you’re feeling like you just don’t know what you want to do anymore, it could be a sign that your decor is dragging you down. Whereas you used to feel creative, you now would just rather watch others be creative on TV. Which leads us to #4…

Sign #4 – You’re Blind to the Clutter

I haven’t spent a ton of time studying Feng Shui, but I do understand the basic principles. And one thing I’m sure of – clutter is a happiness sucker. You may not even notice it anymore. Perhaps you’ve grown used to the stack of things on your countertops, next to your chair, or piled in the corner. But they will zap the energy right out of your home. In order to function best, you must declutter and find a home for everything. I am not a professional organizer, but I’m organized. I can refer you to one that I know, or give you some pointers. But all of that “stuff” needs to go somewhere. And if you’ve just got too much, I might recommend starting there BEFORE you decide to redecorate.

Sign #5 – Evolution of Your Signature Style

If you had asked me 20 years ago what my signature style was, it would be very different than what it has become. And my Clients are no different. I completely understand not being wasteful. But my dear, you bought those sofas 12 years ago. They may still work, but they’re faded. They may be dated. The springs have probably broken down. It’s time to let go of what you used to be and embrace who you’ve grown up to be. List them on Craigslist and someone younger who’s just getting started will be thrilled to get them for a good deal. Put the money in your account and call me BEFORE you go shopping so I can help you choose the perfect piece for your home and who you’ve become.

Sign #6 – Your Pinterest Board Overfloweth

In my profession, it’s normal for me to have 12,000 pins with Interior Decorating ideas. For the average homeowner, that’s a sign that you’re ready for a change at home. You’ve pinned and dreamed of turning your home into the house you imagined. But you may not be sure how exactly to get there. Love, that’s where I can really help you. I’ll sift through those boards for you, find the recurring themes, then source the right pieces for your home size, style, and even whether the room is on the north or south side. (Did you know that makes a difference?)

It’s time to stop Pinning and start doing.

Sign #7 – Your Gilded Cage

When I was a stay-at-home mom, I rearranged furniture constantly. But we had only one income, so updating was a DIY effort to keep the budget under control, usually spending naptime trying to get a coat of paint on the walls before the little ones would be awake to “help”. When you spend so much time at home, you start to think of it as a Gilded Cage.

What if you could make your home a manifestation of everything you’ve dreamed of doing? What would be first on the list? What room(s) do you avoid because you just don’t like being in there? It’s time to stop thinking of your home as a cage, and more like a castle. It shouldn’t feel like a place you want to escape, but the place you go to escape.

Sign #8 – You No Longer Entertain

Once upon a time, you were the Hostess with the Most-ess. Invitations to a party at your home were the hottest ticket in town. Now, you find you don’t enjoy it as much. Think very hard about this for a minute. Is it the work involved? Probably not, you love dreaming up an event and making others feel special. You enjoy planning out the menu and the wines. But you look around your house and think “Ugh! It’s too much work to get it all looking perfect.”

Yes, this is another sign that it’s the Decor that has Doomed your parties. Whether you need to update your deck & patio so that you can host a backyard BBQ, or you’re looking ahead to a dinner party later this year, if we put our heads together we can get your home updated and a space you’ll be dying to show off to your friends & family. My friend, it’s time for you to spread those Social Butterfly wings once again.

So what are you going to do about it?

Often, you can do some easy updates and without much investment. Paint the walls. Rearrange the furniture. Bring in some fresh accessories. Try a new chandelier. Any of those can instantly update a room using mostly pieces you already own. They’re great small steps toward refreshing and making your home a haven for you.

You may have an eye for design and just need some guidance and new ideas from me. Just a Consultation, complete with all of my notes & ideas, and then you go for it yourself. Maybe you’re too busy, or not interested in the logistics of pulling it all together, but you want the joy of redecorating your home. I do that as well, from reworking what you own to a full space overhaul.

Now that you know my 8 signs that it’s time to redecorate, it’s time to get started. Call me today at 271-2686 and let’s discuss what is bothering you and what you want me to help you do about it. I look forward to helping you create the home of your dreams.

~ Crystal

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