Buying home decor pieces online is a scary thing. You just never know what you’re going to get. In the case of this true story, what appeared online wasn’t what appeared at my client’s house.

Buying Online Can Be Difficult

Let me tell you about Sherri. We are working on her bedroom and she wanted a rug to soften the berber carpet. She chose a sunny and beautiful yellow, orange and green color palette (which I’ll share with you once we are finished), and she decided to shop for an area rug online at a popular home decor site. Because anyone who lives in the Harrisonburg or Rockingham County area knows that sourcing locally can be difficult at times!

My client ordered her rug. When you're buying online, you may get something different than what you thought.
Sherri’s rug

I loved her choice for the room. It looked like a beautiful orange swirl pattern on a white background. She orders the area rug and we anxiously await about 4 days until it’s delivered.

We were both WRONG!

The rug appears white, but it’s actually an indoor/outdoor texture and is BEIGE. Not white at all. Now I realize that monitors can distort things, but Sherri and I both viewed this item on different computers and we both thought the lighter areas would be white. You can imagine my surprise as I unrolled it. She hated it immediately and while the shipping to her home was free, it will cost her $12 to return it and wait for her refund, and now we need to start over to find something else.

I understand her frustration. She wants to finish the room and had been looking forward to receiving her rug. Orange rugs aren’t the easiest thing in the world to source, and had the background been white pile and not beige jute, it would have been perfect for the bedroom. I’ve found one she may like online at the same site, but right now she’s looking in some of the local stores to see what might be available. Sometimes getting the color just right has to be done in person.

Buying home decor online can be difficult to gauge true color and texture.
Will this one be more beige than white? It’s on the list of possibilities…

I’m sure the right rug is out there. But the one Sherri ordered has to be returned. Color and texture are important and hopefully we will find the right rug for her. Soon. Might be a good time for her to head over to Charlottesville and shop this weekend…

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