If you didn’t already know, I’m a Pinterest addict. I love looking at photos of other interior decorating projects, and some of the home office spaces on there are GORGEOUS. But I often wonder, just who on earth can work in that space with no electrical cords? I’m focused on the reality of working in a home office. While aesthetics are important, function is my primary goal for myself and for my clients. I design home offices that work well for my clients BEFORE we decide what looks pretty.

Creating a Home Office for Function and Style

Determine the Function of Your Home Office

What do you need the space to accomplish for you? Is it just a spot to pay bills and browse the internet? Or do you need desktop work space? Will it double as your craft room? Will you have Clients visiting, if you work from home? Determining the function will help decide what is necessary and what is not.

If all you need is a small spot for the laptop, and maybe a printer and a filing cabinet, you can easily set up a small desk almost anywhere in your home. You may even have a built-in “command center” in your kitchen. But if you work almost exclusively at home, or bring home a lot of work, you may want a dedicated home office in order to work quietly without disruption. If Clients are visiting often, locating your office near an entry may be ideal, so there is less traffic through the more personal areas of your home.


I absolutely love this organization from Peltier Interiors

What size work surface do you need? For me, I need an area to write and draw. I need to keep my printer close by, as well as a spot to organize current client files that I’m working on. You may be more content to work at the kitchen table, and put everything away at the end of the day.

How should you lay out the furniture in your home office? Do you want your desk to face the middle of the room, a window, the wall? Where will your equipment go that makes the most sense? If you have to walk around the desk to get to a closet in order to retrieve something you just printed, and you’ll trip over the power cord each time, you may want to rethink your layout. If the space is very small, you may not be able to float your desk in the room, as you’ll lose a lot of square footage leaving room for your chair.

If facing a wall would make you miserable, try an L-shaped desk unit.
What other elements need included in your home office? Do you have lots of books that need stored? Drawing/drafting tools? A bulletin board for memos? Where will each of those things go that allow you to work productively?

Determine the Decor of Your Home Office

What colors inspire you? Is there a color that makes you more productive and energetic? Or would you prefer a color that is soothing and allows you to decompress and focus? Do you have a “style” that expresses just you, and no one else in your home? If your home office is private and only used by you, this is your PERFECT opportunity to take the room exactly where you’ve always wanted, with no one else’s opinion. Love Hollywood Glam? Go for it. Shabby Chic? Why not do it here?

This gorgeous home office is the perfect blend of function, organization, and style. LOVE!

If you’re sharing your home office space with another area of the home, or other family members, then you’ll need to consider the whole room and the existing decor before deciding on the colors and styles to include. Your officemates will have opinions as well.

And keep in mind – when your home office is sharing space with a guest bedroom, it may work for you most of the time, but what will you do when visitors are now sleeping in your space? Will you still be able to work?

Don’t overlook task lighting. Having enough light for your desk is essential to not only be able to see what you’re doing, but to prevent headaches as well.

Need Help with your Home Office?

That’s what I’m here for. Whether it’s just a color/layout plan or full dream office design, I can help you pull it all together. If you’re in the Harrisonburg, VA or Rockingham County area, visit my SERVICES page to learn more. Or call me at 271-2686 to discuss your project. I look forward to helping you create the home office that meets your needs, your budget, and your style.


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