We all love to enjoy a clean home, but no one REALLY loves all of the deep cleaning chores that are required to keep it sparkling clean. For Week 3 of the “Home for the Holidays” Challenge, this is going to be where we turn our focus, so we can TRULY enjoy our homes and all of the memories to be made, with no worries as to the size of the dust bunnies looming in the corner.

Week 3: Deep Cleaning Your Home

Deep Cleaning, One Room at a Time

I like to start with the Kitchen. It’s a great time to clean out the cupboards, wipe every inch of the kitchen down, and be ready for the holidays with sparkling style. The free printable will help you not miss a spot in the entire kitchen as you work through it.

In the Living Room & Dining, I always empty the room as much as possible. Clean the windows while the sun is on the opposite side of the house. Then check later to see where I may have missed a spot… Vacuum and/or dust the furniture and fixtures. Wipe down the doors and baseboards. Clean the air returns, floor vents, and ceiling fans or chandeliers. Clean the floors, then move the furniture back and style the accessories, as you wipe them down of course! The deep cleaning you give your home will make it feel like new again.

In the Bathrooms, be sure to clean the light fixtures and vents, wipe down the front of the vanity, and scrub every inch of the floor. Check for any loose caulk, and if it is loose, pull it up and remove it. My favorite way to get a perfect caulk line: mask it off on each side, squeeze the new caulk line out, wipe it with your finger, then remove the masking tape. Run the towels through a fresh cleaning cycle with vinegar. Replace worn bath mats or shower curtain liners. Wash the shower curtain. Wipe the ledge above the shower, too. And scrub those baseboards!

When I start deep cleaning the bedrooms, everything is stripped to bare. The windows get cleaned inside and out, as well as the window tracks. Take the curtains down and clean them. I like that mine are machine-washable, so I hang them back up wet and they refresh the room with the scent of my laundry detergent. And don’t forget to vacuum under the bed! If you have carpeted rooms, now might be a great time to have them professionally cleaned. Wash all of the bedding, and if you like to use flannel sheets or different winter bedding, now is a great time to change it out. The nights are getting MUCH colder. Brrr.

Clean out your closet – if you didn’t wear something at all this year, it may be time to let go of that item. Switch your wardrobe out for fall/winter if you haven’t already, and store your summer clothing. This is a great time to purge and inventory what you or your family might need for the winter, like new boots for the boy-child so he has no excuse not to shovel snow (ahem…).

Let’s deep clean those other closets, too. You know, the scary places in your home you’ve been stashing all of your junk? Yes, those! Send the old, worn out sheets & towels to the garage for hubby to clean up spills or use when changing the oil. Or if your hubs doesn’t do that job, send them to the SPCA for critter baths. Inventory your first aid kit supplies. I like to pre-stock things like Dayquil & Nyquil for the winter cold season.

Get the FREE Deep Cleaning Printable

I’ve only touched on a few areas here, my free printable for you is sorted by area so you can easily print as many duplicate pages as you need. One for each bedroom. A second copy if you have multiple living areas, such as a separate family room. And stay tuned on Facebook this week, as I’ve got some new posts going up with little reminders, plus a few non-cleaning posts so you can enjoy the downtime as well.

Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist

Click HERE or on the Photo Above For the PDF File

Got a great cleaning tip to share? An area you think I missed? Leave a comment and let us all know! As for me, I already have the downstairs spotless – they finally finished all of the repairs to my basement on September 30th, so a quick dust & vacuum and voila – one-third of my house is done! But it took five months, so…



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