Do you ever feel completely drawn to a photo of a room, while other rooms elicit no emotion from you at all? My friend, you may not realize it, but you may have already found your own Signature Design Style. But how do you know what it might be?

Defining Your Signature Interior Design Style Part 1

What is a Signature Design Style?

Let’s look at the way we dress before we talk about our homes. You have a deep-seeded feeling of “this is me” when you are shopping for clothes, right? When you spot that perfect outfit and your heart skips a beat. You know what you like, what colors flatter you best, and the style that you feel defines your personality.

When you’re wearing an outfit outside your comfort zone, you feel it all day. Unsure of yourself, body language that isn’t confident, and worried you’ll run in to someone you know.

But when you’ve got that perfect outfit pulled together, you feel special, you walk with your head held high, and you exude confidence in being that YOU. Your signature design style brings out the best in you and allows you to feel your best. Wearing it proudly, whether it’s boots and jeans or a flowing dress, nothing can get in your way.

Does your Closet hold the answers to your Signature Design Style?

Do you even know what your home decor signature design style might be? Your closet may just hold some of the answers. Go take a peek, and you’ll see you have collected clothing items that are of similar color, fabric, or patterns.

Perhaps you only want solid color tops but add tons of jewelry – you like the basics and can easily change the accessories. Maybe you’ve got a huge collection of flowing printed skirts and strappy sandals – I’d say you are drawn to Bohemian.

Stiletto heels and straight lines? Possibly contemporary. Boots, jeans, and flannels? Ride on, country girl.

And through the entire closet, you may also find items that don’t fit that pattern, but they’re items you love to wear. You, my dear, may very well be a blended style. Most people are – you don’t fit into just one category. The difference here is that one day you can choose to be bohemian and the next day contemporary, by changing your outfit. But when it comes to decorating your home, you may need help pulling those two design styles into a cohesive look. Yes, you can wear cowboy boots with pearls – but it takes work to pull it off perfectly.

Discovering Your Interior Decorating Signature Design Style

You will find that your style evolves as you grow older. While you may have truly loved Shabby Chic and Pink in your 20’s, you’re drawn more to French Country and Traditional in your 40’s. Or you hated rustic and primitive in your 30’s, but now when you see it you want to figure out how to start bringing some of those elements together with your current household furnishings, and not break the bank.

You, my friend, are my dream client. I want to help you realize your vision for your home, to make it grow over time. It’s not like the outfit that was easy to change the look from one day to the next – this will take considerably more time and skill, and will definitely be a long-term investment for yourself. Together we can define your unique style, build a color palette that not only makes you happy but flatters your skin tone and the colors you wear often while you’re in the room, and will stay timeless for many years to come.

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Next Blog: Part 2 of the Signature Design Style Series

In my next post, I’ll be going over some different Design Styles with photo examples so you can start pinpointing what you love and feel inspired about. Stay tuned!

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