Now that you’ve started to pinpoint where you would like your Signature Design Style to take you, it’s time to work on your Signature Color Palette. The colors you decide on should reflect the style you’re working in, will define whether your home feels “warm” or “cool”, and will set the tone for flattering YOU in your home, making you the diamond that sparkles within the perfect setting.

Defining Your Signature Interior Decorating Color Palette

A Quick Lesson on the Color Wheel

Have you found the color you’re most drawn to for decorating your home? Start with the basic color wheel. Whether the scheme will be monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, or triadic, knowing what your main color within your palette will be will help you define where you want to go next.


A monochromatic scheme would be something like all shades of Blue.

Analogous color schemes feature two colors side-by-side on the color wheel, such as Yellow and Green.

Complementary colors are across from each other on the wheel, such as Purple and Yellow (Go Dukes!).

A Triad is made up of any 3 colors that form a triangle in the center of the wheel. Look at Green- Violet-Orange.

Find Balance in Your Color Scheme

In Interior Decorating, we often use what is called the “60-30-10” rule. This means 60% of the room will be one color, 30% the second color, and 10% the third color choice. I’ve mentioned before, I don’t mind breaking rules and sometimes add in a 4th color. Often your 60% color is your paint choice, the 30% is most of the large furnishings, and the 10% is accents and accessories, but each of the major colors will be used in small doses as well.

Have You Determined Your Signature Color?

If you’re a fan of “Steel Magnolias”, you may remember that Shelby (Julia Roberts) stated that “Pink” was her “Signature Color”. Her wedding colors were “Blush” and “Bashful”, two shades of pink. That does not mean that everything you own has to be one color, but it will be the dominant color that ties your home together. Choose wisely. Mine used to be Red, it’s now evolved to Navy Blue. The great part of my own personal evolution is that Red works with Blue, so all of the pieces I had previously owned still work as accents. WIN!

Go back to your closet. What color(s) do you wear most often? Do you look best in browns and oranges? Or pinks and reds? Does lavender or purple bring out the green in your eyes? My first recommendation would be to choose colors that flatter your skin tone within the room. The same goes for lighting – choose bulbs and shades that are going to make you glow, not look pale or sickly.

Shop Your Signature Color

Once you’ve determined what that color might be, start shopping for pieces that you fall in love with that are either a) your signature color or b) a secondary color you’ve chosen to complement it. This can be TRICKY! Sometimes we decide on our signature colors, only to find that the stores we shop have pre-determined that they will feature something completely opposite this season. It’s frustrating when you KNOW you want lavender floral sheets, but no one is selling them this year.

Determine if the piece works with your chosen Signature Style. If you’re going Contemporary, don’t expect that rustic bench to work out in the room. The odds are, it won’t.

And another tip: your paint shade should be chosen LAST. Paint is so much easier to match to decor, than to paint a room and then try to fill it.

Overwhelmed with it all?

That’s why you call me. When you use my Advanced Service Level, I’ll be giving you tons of guidance the entire way. I’ll ask you so many questions you’ll feel like I know you better than your best friend. You do the shopping and collecting, and I come in and bring it together like you dreamed.

Feeling over it? Then try my Premier Service Level. After I ask you millions of questions and know you better than you know yourself, I will be the one having to source those lavender floral sheets or rustic benches. You won’t think twice about any of this, you’ll have a pro handling it all.

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