For the past couple years, I’d parked my website on a WYSIWYG website. But I needed more functionality and the ability to really be creative. After all, I’m a creative gal. And my website looked blah. Boring. I had very limited control as to how it was displaying. I wanted to be able to use WordPress for my site, but the previous host didn’t work that way. And as I went to switch, I learned they also owned my domain name – not me. Ouch.

So I started brainstorming new names. I didn’t want to use my own name, but I also couldn’t take my previous domain name. And most variations of that were taken. I came up with a few others I really liked, but they were all taken as well. Eventually, through many crossed-out lists, I settled on Bluestone Decorating. It’s a nod to our geographic area without pinning me down too much. I love blue – it’s kind of a signature color in many of my projects. And I’m a Decorator. I even used and had this awesome little logo created. The graphic artist doesn’t even know me, yet she put a tiara at the top – WINNER!

Encore Interior Decorating & Home Staging is now Bluestone Decorating by Crystal Ortiz

Rebranding isn’t an easy thing to do. For over two years, I’ve worked on building up the name Encore. And while I can change my name on several of the web sites I’m listed on, it’s very time consuming. I downloaded all of my previous content from the Encore website and will work to get it all here.

I’m excited, though. I have over a hundred blog post ideas scratched out. Useful tips that anyone can use, whether they’re local and looking to know more about me, or just wanting to DIY their own projects at home based on some of the ideas I share. Now I just need to get busy writing in between projects!

I hope you enjoy the Bluestone Decorating web site, and PLEASE tell a friend! Join the facebook group, share posts from it, subscribe to either the blog updates or the monthly newsletter (which is where the really good stuff will be found), follow me on Pinterest, comment on blog posts… there is so much you can do to help me get the word out about Bluestone. And I appreciate it, because all the ads in the world don’t do as much for a very small local business like me as your recommendation based on trust.

Have a blessed day!


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