Fall Decorating is one of my favorite ways to bring the season into my own home. I love the feeling, the warmth, and the atmosphere that just a few small touches scattered around the house can set the tone for the entire Autumn Season. So this week’s “Home for the Holidays” Challenge is to get your Fall Decorating done, if you haven’t already.

Bluestone Decorating's "Home for the Holidays" Challenge Week 2

Fall Decorating Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

By adding some small touches throughout your home, you can easily change the entire look of your decor and bring the fall festivities inside while the leaves (and temperatures) are falling outside. In this week’s post, I’m sharing some of my own personal decorating touches, from my own home, that you can easily incorporate into your home as well.

Fall Decorating in the Kitchen
A few small accessories and a basket of flowers are all I needed on the mantel over my stove.

Fall Decorating in the Kitchen

It doesn’t take much to bring some color to the kitchen. On the mantel over my stove, I added a basket of silk flowers with a glittery ribbon, as well as a few glittery pumpkins and a small rustic birdhouse.

As you see below, it doesn’t have to be complicated. This small cake stand was the perfect piece to add a brown basket-weave candle and a candle ring to the island. It’s easy to move it out of the way when the island is in use. I feel that is important – ease of function within the kitchen, even if it’s decorated.

I don’t have photos to share of the butler’s pantry area, but behind the glass doors I added other small fall accessories. The entire kitchen has a sense of fall, without going overboard.

Bluestone Decorating Home for the Holidays Fall Decorating Week 2
A small cake stand on the kitchen island.

Fall Decorating in the Dining Room

My dining room is open to my kitchen, and I recently brought home my gorgeous old pine Pewter Cupboard. You may have seen it dressed up with a few Christmas dishes if you follow me on Instagram, but as you see below, I stored those away and put out a fall display that can be enjoyed from the kitchen, the dining room, or the living room.

Fall Decorating - the Dining Room
My Pewter Cupboard decorated for fall

By adding some seasonal decor, such as pumpkins of several shapes and sizes, the Pewter cupboard is a focal point in this room. I also added dishes in a fall color palette, a garland of leaves on top, and some seasonal flowers to bring more color and dimension. I love how it turned out, and decided that it was a wonderful spot to move my children’s photos to, as it’s a place I walk past a hundred times a day.

Fall Decorating in the Living Room

Fall Decorating in the Living Room
Candlesticks dressed up

As you walk in my front door, the mantel area is a focal point. I dressed it up for fall by adding beaded candle rings to the candlesticks on each side of the television and a small leaf garland around the base of each.

For the overall fireplace area, I did tall sheaths of dried grasses in a glass urn on one side, and to balance that I stacked my Walnut Shaker Boxes to the right. In the fireplace itself, I have two different candelabra filled with candles and wrapped another leaf garland around the base. With the navy blue accent wall, I absolutely love how this all came together:

Fall Decorating in the Living Room
The full effect

Fall Decorating at the Front Door

What’s more welcoming than seasonal decor to greet your friends and family each day? I added a few touches to my entry as well, like my wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins and leaf garlands by the door:

Fall Decorating on the Front Porch

A bucket of silk flowers hanging on the front door livens it up. Adding some ribbon takes it up a notch as well:

Fall Decorating: Front Door

And one of my favorites, adding bows to the porch light lanterns:

Fall Decorating: Front Porch Lanterns

Fall Decorating Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

By spending just a few hours adding some seasonal fall touches to your home, you’re ready to enjoy the entire season, all the way up until you’re packing up to decorate for Christmas.

What is your favorite way to decorate for fall? I hope you found a few of these ideas inspiring and are ready to start your own fall decorating projects. Please share your own photos on this week’s Facebook Challenge Post.

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