If you love the look of a farmhouse, especially this home with all of the original hundred-year-old shiplap, you’re in for a treat here. This post is all about the farmhouse Master Bedroom I redecorated in the Highland County house.

The Farmhouse Master Bedroom

At the Consultation, these were the photos I took of the downstairs master bedroom:

As you can see, it was very dark and dreary. My client’s wife had passed away a year before, and with this being a second home he wasn’t there often. With only one closet in the entire house, storage was in bins. And his primary purpose for hiring me was to rent the home out as an AirBnB so the bedrooms needed to be welcoming.

The Master Bedroom Concept

Concept Board by Bluestone Decorating - Step 4 of the Signature Design Process
This is the actual Concept Board for the Master Bedroom that my client was able to see at the Presentation Meeting step of my Signature Design Process.

There was no way on earth I was going to paint over those gorgeous wood walls. But at one point, someone had painted the floor, and it was in bad shape. So my plan was:

  • lighter and brighter fabrics for the floor, bed and windows
  • appropriately scaled lamps
  • no headboard, as Mr. Client doesn’t like them
  • repaint the floor – I chose Sherwin-Williams SW 7602 “Indigo Batik” – a color I use often and love
  • rearrange the furniture & declutter (we did hire a housekeeper to help with the cleaning throughout the entire house)
  • new light fixture, although the one shown here actually went into an upstairs bedroom and I chose something different for this room – and somehow it didn’t make it into a single photo! It was similar to this one: 

I showed Mr. Client two color palettes for this room – red or blue – and he chose blue. During Sourcing, I came across this bedding, the rug, and the window panels. None of it was a matched set (which I avoid at all costs anyway!) but all worked very well together. He loved the Concept Board and approved it all at the Presentation Meeting. The chair shown here was representative of the Windsor chairs he already owned, and I included two within the room so he’d have a spot to sit and put on his shoes in the morning. Not shown in the concept, I opted for a buttery yellow as an accent color.

The Master Bedroom After

Once the floor was painted, I was able to start placing the furniture. I chose to move the head of the bed to the far wall where a wedding ring quilt had previously been hanging. The bird art above the bed was previously above the bed so I relocated it. Let me just say – ship lap walls are wonderful! There is never a hunt for the stud! The other painting had been done years before by Mr. Client’s wife, and was in an upstairs bedroom, so I brought it down where he could enjoy it. (Due to his age, he rarely goes upstairs.) I had the new rods hung on the windows and added the drapery panels. See the side-by-side photos of the room here (you can click on photos to enlarge):

Mr. Client Loved his Master Bedroom

He was totally in love with this room. It doesn’t feel either too masculine nor too feminine, but welcoming to all. I loved the creative freedom he gave me to do whatever I thought best. My only real struggle here – the windows. The trim & frames are not square throughout this house, so we had to hang the rods at a height that would disguise that flaw, even though it meant the curtains weren’t quite touching the floor. I try not to look at them, haha.

You can see all of the After photos from this project in my Portfolio, but I like showing the “Before” shots here in my blog so you can truly see the transformation that took place. I had an extremely happy client and am looking forward to helping someone else achieve a great farmhouse master bedroom. Call me at 271-2686 and let’s talk about if you’re that person.

Until next time...

xoxo Crystal

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