The Farmhouse Project required seven rooms to be completely redecorated and revealed all at once. There were a total of 3 bedrooms to be done, and today I’m going to focus in on what I called the “twin bedroom” during planning and installation. My client planned to list this home as a vacation rental when he wasn’t using it, so the plan included maximizing sleeping spaces.

Farmhouse Twin Bedroom
The twin bedroom with new bedding, paint color, upcycled headboards, window treatments, and rug.

The Farmhouse Twin Bedroom: BEFORE

These were the “Before” shots of the room I took at Trade Day. You can click on any of them to enlarge.

So yes, I had my work cut out for me. Mr. Client was open to letting me do whatever I thought best in his home, which is rare. We were not purchasing furniture, but new rugs, window treatments, paint, accessories, and a good cleaning were all in order for this project. This room had primarily become a storage room, so getting it functional again with the existing twin beds was important.

The Twin Bedroom Concept

Farmhouse Twin Bedroom

My concept photo shows two options for bedding – a comforter or a quilt. I left the final decision to the client. The Chippendale-style mirror and small chest were representative of what was already in the room. I was adding headboards in this particular room, and chose a soft blue with orange color palette. I love these colors together. Here was my Design To-Do List:

  • Declutter – remove all of the storage bins, the vacuum, the driftwood coffee table (which was going to the living room
  • Add lighting – the concept shows both a ceiling fan and a fixture. I let the client choose his preference.
  • Add a closet
  • Rearrange the furniture. Place the beds on the opposite wall so the door is visible when sitting in bed.
  • paint the walls. I choose Sherwin-Williams “Meditative” for this room SW 6227
  • new area rug, new window treatments & hardware
  • Add headboards
  • Throw pillows, blankets, small accessories

Add A Closet

Because every room in the house was being redone, except for the kitchen, I threw out an idea to Mr. Client and he liked it.

At the end of the upstairs hallway was a closet. It was tight to access it, and meant nothing else could actually be in that hallway. Dead space. BUT… the closet backed up to this bedroom, which had no closet at all. Very typical of old homes, where once upon a time you’d use a peg rack to hang your extra dress or coat. After discussing with the contractor, we actually flipped the closet opening to the bedroom corner. Donald Doyle was the contractor, and did an absolutely amazing job of preserving the shiplap that was cut out to make the door, then reinstalling it in the hallway. Once everything was painted, you would never know that the closet was not originally part of the bedroom.

After: New Closet
After: You’d never guess this closet wasn’t originally part of this room. Now my client has easy access to it.



With lots of cleaning and removing all of the storage bins from the room (some went in the new closet), my assistant Marylen and I placed the rug and Chandler was my “window-hanger-in-chief” for most of this project. It always takes a team of reliable helpers to complete an install, and I am blessed to have some great helpers. We washed the bedding as it was unpackaged so it could be guest-ready and then made the beds up.

Mr. Client opted for the quilts for the beds. They’re a pale ivory. Sourcing the shade of orange I wanted for the throw pillows and blankets became a bit of an obstacle. I ended up going with a peachy-coral tone that was still beautiful. If you look closely, you’ll see the beds are a bit high. That’s because of the twin bed that had previously been in the Game Room. We didn’t have a place to safely store it. Mice would chew it to pieces if it went to the barn. So I got creative – I stacked it within these twin beds. One has an extra mattress, the other a box spring, covered with a fitted sheet. Until Mr. Client could decide what to do with the extra bed, it seemed like the best solution.

Farmhouse Twin BedroomI also did some custom DIY for this project. I had acquired two old brass headboards that looked “farmhouse” in style, but also dated. Thanks to hubby the master painter, he was able to repaint them in an oil-rubbed bronze finish and I could install them. Total cost for both? $50! I brought in some floral arrangements here, but did not add any art or lamps that the client did not already own.

To keep things light and airy, I went with an ivory background and pale blue pattern on the rug, and light sheers & valances on the windows.


The Farmhouse Twin Bedroom: After

I was so happy that this room came out exactly as planned. Just because I can “see” it in my head doesn’t always mean that others can, but in this case it was very close to the concept board. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Another Look: Twin Bedroom Before & After Photos

These are side-by-side shots so you can see the transformation:

The Farmhouse Twin Bedroom Completed

Mr. Client gained a valuable extra guest bedroom with this redecorating project. This large room is restful with plenty of space for guests to relax and unpack.  In the end, I felt it all came together well and it was a job I was very proud of. From Consultation to Reveal, this 7-room project lasted 4 months. If you’d like to learn more about working with me, please feel free to contact me at (540) 271-2686. You can see all 7 rooms that were redone in this house in my Portfolio and other blog posts here at Bluestone Decorating. Photos by Crystal Ortiz and Jim Pell.

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