I put the offer out via Facebook – FREE ADVICE FRIDAY. You send me your decorating dilemma, and I’ll try to offer a solution. I received a private message from Cindy:

Cindy’s Question:

Hi Crystal – needing advice. As you can see I have these pieces in the aged look in my kitchen, and I have this cute electric fireplace in the corner that we love. Would you recommend to keep it in it’s original color or paint it and give it that aged look as well. Thanks so much.


Thanks for the question, Cindy.

I would not recommend it.

You’ve already got a lot going on in this area, and the fireplace should feel more like a permanent fixture in the corner than a piece of furniture, whether it’s permanent or not. Your fireplace would also compete a lot with the other pieces (hello, fellow wine lover!). I would recommend leaving it as-is. Perhaps bring a bit more height to it with accessories (swap the lamp with the red vase?), so it feels more substantial in your kitchen.

You should also consider that if you do decide you’d like to paint it, you would need to find a paint that could withstand higher temperatures. Although it’s an electric fireplace, it has the potential to get warm and you may find that your finish may blister or peel with time. No bueno.

I hope this helps you answer such a “burning” question in your home!

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