Homeowners are often overwhelmed with the sale of their home. Between packing, listing, preparing to find a new home, hiring just the right agent… there is so much that needs tended to that it may seem like you don’t know if you’re coming or going. Home Staging should also be a priority.

I wrote the free report “20 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast” to offer guidance for homeowners who choose to Stage their home themselves.

Download the FREE Home Staging Report - 20 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating

This is an absolutely free PDF that you can download immediately. You don’t have to subscribe to a list (I really get tired of that!) in order to get it. All I ask is that you freely share it with anyone you know who is considering selling their home, and let your friends & family know that I’m here to help them with any Home Staging needs they feel are beyond what they’re able to complete. You can click on the photo above, or just use this link.

The report includes topics such as determining a budget for your home staging & home repairs, curb appeal, odors in the home, defining each space, decluttering, furniture size/scale, lighting, art, accessories, vignettes, and selling a home with children. In no way is it completely comprehensive for every home, but it does give you ideas for getting your home ready to list.

As always, I’m more than happy to help you or someone you know who is looking to get their home ready to sell. Whether they’re moving across country and leaving a vacant home that needs furnishings, an investor with an empty property, or currently living in the home and need some professional advice, I offer a variety of service levels that can meet their needs. Perhaps it’s a matter of DIY Hell and they just don’t know how to complete the projects, or it’s a stunning home that just needs to show well. Either extreme is not a problem.

Download the free report, and when the need arises that you’re needing a professional Home Stager in the Harrisonburg – Rockingham – Augusta County areas, I hope you’ll think of me and allow me to help you get the maximum amount possible for your home.

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