I always love the satisfaction of completing a job, and this Guest Bedroom is no different. And to top it off, it’s a project I finally completed in my own home! Just like the cobbler’s children have no shoes, sometimes we Interior Decorators don’t always get our own personal projects done in a timely matter. I’m excited to share with you all my “Lavender Retreat” guest bedroom.

Lavender Guest Bedroom

I needed a Guest Bedroom!

With my girls grown and moved out, I wanted a place they would readily come home to visit for years ahead. Although I seriously eyed this room as a new office, I knew it was more practical to have a space not only for my daughters, but other friends and family members. And I wanted shades of purple, ranging from lavender to plum to eggplant, and possibly even a little pink thrown in for good measure.

And a Lavender Guest Bedroom it is…

HGTV Sherwin Williams Paint from Lowe's FAIL
One coat my foot!

Painting wasn’t fun. I broke my own freaking rules, and because I had a gift card to Lowe’s, I bought the “HGTV Sherwin-Williams” paint that guarantees one coat coverage. Nope. It didn’t! Some areas took THREE coats of paint to cover. Talk about annoyed… This is why I only recommend Sherwin-Williams paints from their STORE, or Benjamin Moore. For what a gallon of this cost, I expected more. If you want to replicate the final look, try Sherwin-Williams SW 6280 “Inspired Lilac”, or one step deeper (depending on your lighting) SW 6281 “Potentially Purple”. Lighting makes a huge difference – during the daylight, the walls appear almost gray. With lamps on, they go much deeper lavender.

And I bought the bedding & curtains online…

I was nervous from the moment I hit “checkout” at Joss & Main! If you read this post about buying online, you know that I never trust colors, fabrics, textures, or quality until it’s in my hands. I was so happy when my packages arrived, and not only were the bedding colors as I expected, but so were the curtains! WIN! Everything else was sourced locally in Harrisonburg, except the art above the bed, which was something I inherited from my aunt almost 17 years ago and was hidden away in the attic.

And now… the Lavender Guest Bedroom Photos!

Lavender Guest Bedroom by Crystal Ortiz
Lavender Guest Bedroom in Penn Laird, VA
Lavender Guest Bedroom in Penn Laird, VA
Closeup of the bedding.
Lavender Guest Bedroom by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating
A small vanity area for guest needs.

My Guest Bedroom is Ready for Guests

Do you think it’s too feminine? I really don’t – even my husband and son thought it turned out well.  Although lavender is associated as a more feminine color, my friend Michael, an Interior Designer in New York, saw a photo and says, “Very soft and pretty, feminine but not too girly. (I love girly too, btw). I’d feel totally comfortable there, when can I come visit? LOL!”

I’m thrilled to cross this off my to-do list. Thanks to my Home for the Holidays Challenge I had a deadline to meet, and did it. Now, tomorrow (October 21) our focus in the Home for the Holidays Challenge turns to Guest Bedrooms and Home Offices, so if you aren’t sure where to start or what you want to do, I’ve got some openings in my calendar for November that we can get this room pulled together for you quickly – before your guests arrive for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Call me – 271-2686 – to chat about it, and see if I’m the right Decorator in Harrisonburg to help you get YOUR guest room ready.

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