Yesterday my amazing photographer friend Chris came over to do new head shots of me. I mean, the one I have up is fine, but it’s a cropped-down photo taken with my daughter in 2014 before her prom. Since that time my hair grew to my waist and I cut it off to chin length. Not exactly what I look like these days. And I don’t forsee growing it out long again. I like for my clients to know what I look like before I show up at their front door.

Interior Stylist Crystal Ortiz of Bluestone Decorating

It was torture. Not Chris – he’s awesome. But I’m not one who likes being in front of a camera, and the “modeling” was taking it’s toll. I thought we’d be done in an hour, but after two hours I decided “that’s good”. I only need one decent photo, hopefully. I never realized how hard it is to hold a smile for so long! My friends say I have “resting b*tch face”. Probably.

He’s headed out of town for a few days, so I will patiently wait for him to edit them and I’ll get something on the site. But I’m sure that even with the obstacles of the model he had to work with, something he shot will turn out great. He did both of my girls’ Senior photos and the results were amazing. And my sister hired him to take some amazing shots of her boys (the three little blonde guys in his gallery are my nephews) and those were awesome as well.

And because he’s such a dear friend and talented photographer, I’ll encourage you to check out his web site and consider giving him a call when you want wedding, family, or Senior pics taken. And then call me to help you find the perfect place to hang all of the gorgeous family photos Chris takes for you.


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