Today I’m going to tell you all about the Farmhouse Bathroom I did in Highland County, Virginia in the Spring of 2017. Confession: this was my first ever bathroom designed from scratch. Was I nervous? YES! Could I see it all in my head? YES! Do I know a good contractor who is worth his weight in gold? YOU BETCHA! This is one of the “After” photos, but today we’re going to look at where we started as well.

The "After" of the Highland County Farmhouse Bathroom

The Bathroom: Before

At the Consultation, my Client showed me this room and told me he would like to create a bathroom in the space. Here is what I saw on Day 1:

The view from the door. Wood floors, shiplap, and a back stairwell.
Corner view 2 toward the closet & windows.
From the stairs, looking back toward the entry door.
View 4, from the closet.

I always listen closely to what my clients tell me. While I would have loved to put a gorgeous clawfoot bathtub in this room, he did not want more than a stand-up shower. He also mentioned in passing that his dear wife, who had passed away a year earlier, had always dreamed of a red, white, and blue bathroom. I was sure to jot that down in my notes for how the room would come together.

The Right Man for the Job

My Client had previously hired a local contractor for work on his home, and said he’d like to use the same guy again. Donald Doyle of Highland Home Construction. About 2 weeks after the Consultation, I met with Mr. Doyle at the farmhouse on Trade Day to discuss the various projects to be completed throughout, including this bathroom. The upstairs of this home did not have heat, and we would need to be sure to run the plumbing on interior walls. My thought was to seal off the stairwell, which was pretty inaccessible anyway, and place the commode where the stairwell is. The access door downstairs became a closet. Baseboard heaters would be added as well, and I opted to add an exhaust fan that also heats. One day I made a site visit to check and here was his “under construction” in the bathroom:

How my Farmhouse Bathroom Plan came together

I love the software I use to design projects. My clients love that they TRULY can see what their home will look like when I’m done with it. Using all of my measurements from Trade Day, I created a floor plan of the entire house. This is how the bathroom laid out:

Farmhouse Bathroom Floorplan by Bluestone Decorating

And this is a “Camera View” from my software that my Client was able to see at the Presentation Meeting:

Farmhouse Bathroom Concept
The “After” Concept that I presented to my Client at the Presentation Meeting.

While most of the items here are representative of what we may or may not use, you get a very good idea of how the room is going to look. The red cabinet is a stand-in for my client’s Hoosier Cabinet that we were having painted.

Farmhouse Touches

I picked out two different tile patterns, both in a classic black & white pattern, from Eagle Carpet. This bathroom is  about 135 square feet so it was a large order. I left the final choice to my Client, but he picked my personal favorite. In a pattern like this, I don’t want the grout to compete with the pattern, so I went with a pale gray. For those who would say pure white – that is a nightmare to keep perfectly clean. Mr. Client is in his 70’s, rarely goes upstairs, and his plan was to rent the home as a vacation spot on AirBnB. Maintenance was important.

This antique-style black & white tile was a perfect choice for the new bathroom.

The rustic look of the vanity combined with oil-rubbed bronze hardware and fixtures also lent itself to the farmhouse bathroom look & feel. Another sticking point here – all lights could NOT be able to trap insects. Being as far out in the mountains as this home, bugs can be a problem. We wanted to limit how many had to be cleaned out of light fixtures constantly.

I specified some of my favorite farmhouse colors for this room. The walls are Sherwin-Williams SW 6225 “Sleepy Blue”. The Hoosier Cabinet is SW 6314 “Luxurious Red”. The towels and mats came from a local retailer, and the small bench was actually taken from another room in the house.

Before & After of the Farmhouse Bathroom


The Farmhouse Bathroom was a Success

In the end, my Client was brought to tears. He loved it and was thrilled with how it all came together like he’d seen in my renderings. I learned a lot, totally enjoyed pushing my own boundaries, and felt that this bathroom delivered on everything my Client asked for. I’m looking forward to the next project. Stay tuned to this blog for more about the Farmhouse Project, you can see all of the rooms I did in my Portfolio. Interested in hiring me to help you pull together a farmhouse look in your home? Contact Me today for your Consultation.


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