Have you been wondering “Where am I going to put my visitors this Holiday Season?” or thinking “I wish I had a dedicated space for working at home, or just organizing my bills and paperwork”? This week we are turning our focus to individual spaces within your home, and finding inspiration to make even a small space function at it’s most efficient. Together, we are going to create a dreamy guest bedroom and a functional, organized home office.

Home Offices & Guest Bedrooms

Guest Bedrooms: The Key to Holiday Hospitality

Stay tuned via Facebook or LinkedIn for several post updates this week. I’m going to share with you steps to creating a relaxing guest bedroom, a spot that visitors can retreat to to relax and refresh, which also allows YOU some down time from entertaining. I hope to inspire you to bring out the best in your hospitality and hostessing skills.

Home Offices: Organization and Productivity

Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Interior DecoratingWhether you work from your home, as I do, or just need a place to hold the computer and organize your bills and paperwork, a home office is an essential spot in your home in today’s world. It doesn’t have to be a large, single-use room. Just a dedicated spot for you to stay organized and productive.

Is the Home for the Holidays Challenge Inspiring You?

I hope that as each week’s theme is shared, you’re finding ways to complete some of the tasks. I did manage to do some of the cleaning & maintenance tasks, some I’m just not ready to tackle quite yet. This week’s Home Offices & Guest Bedrooms inspired me to finish setting up my desk area from the reconstruction of my basement as well as complete my own personal guest bedroom, which in fact has been getting quite a bit of use.

Expect several blog posts this week with tips for setting up your own home offices & guest bedrooms!

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