Curious about how I work from my own home? Today I’m offering a rare sneak peek into my own home office. Because 99.9% of the time I’m visiting my Clients at their homes, it’s not often that anyone but my family or me see this space. So here’s a behind-the-scenes glance at an Interior Decorator’s Home Office – and how I blend function with my own style.

I told you in a previous post how I thought of snagging the Guest Bedroom to be a dedicated home office, but I didn’t really need that much space. Although it would have made a great combined office & craft room, I couldn’t justify it. Where would visitors stay so I could hog square footage? I opted to keep my home office where it’s always been – in a small area of our downstairs family room. Which is rarely used by anyone else anyway. Once all of the repairs from our flood were complete, I was thrilled to move back in there about three weeks ago.

Behind the Scenes at Bluestone Decorating

An Interior Decorator’s Home Office Needs: Organization

I’m a neat freak. You may have picked up on that before. So it should come as no surprise that I stay super organized when it comes to current Client files. While I do have a small file cabinet full of paperwork that is neatly organized, I like to keep my current client files at my fingertips. Usually I’m working on each project throughout the week, tweaking them as I learn more about each client and as I accomplish tasks for that project. As of this writing, I’ve got 6 different projects I’m working on, so keeping everything in each person’s file is imperative to moving their projects along smoothly.

And that pink plaid binder by my monitor? It’s an entire notebook full of ideas for writing blog posts. As I research each one and think of key points I want to make, I write in lots of notes. I’d always prefer to hand-write or draw vs. using a computer. For whatever reason, the creative juices flow best with a pen in my hand.

Organization is Key for an Interior Decorator's Home Office

An Interior Decorator’s Home Office Needs: Inspiration

An Interior Decorator's Home Office needs InspirationWhen the basement remodel was being done, I opted to lighten the wall color in the family room where my home office is located. I went with Sherwin-Williams #6521 “Notable Hue” on the walls. I love that shade of blue, you’ll find that I’ve used something close as the main branding color on my website.

What is more inspiring for anyone than photos of their own family? In the corner of my desk, I’ve got photos of mine. I also keep a current task list, so I can easily jot down my To-Do’s and, even better, cross them off as they are completed.

An Interior Decorator's Home Office Bulletin Board
My bulletin board – notes, calendar, and photos.

An Interior Decorator’s Home Office Needs: Worktable Space

An Interior Decorator's Home OfficeWhen I was purchasing a desk, I knew I needed plenty of worktop surface for all of the notes, drawings, paperwork, etc. that my job includes. I chose an L-shaped desk so I could have just that. I prefer a desktop PC with a huge monitor so I can see as well as possible when I’m sourcing items on the web. And my printer is located just out of sight in this photo, off to the right where it’s easy for me to get to but not in my way. My office functions very well for my needs.

An Interior Decorator’s Home Office DOESN’T Need to be… Fancy

Some folks would probably like to be able to walk in off the street and talk to me about their interior decorating projects, but I really have no desire to set up a brick-and-mortar storefront. I’d have to charge massive fees to cover the overhead alone. And honestly, I’m not usually IN my office, except late in the evenings outside of my established business hours. I’m in my Client’s homes, or out sourcing furniture, accessories, or window treatments.

So there you have it! I’ve got an area about 6′ deep by 10′ long within my family room that functions well, fits with the decor, yet is unobtrusive into my family’s life. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated room to be a functioning home office to meet your needs.


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