I recently received a call from a new client, who needed help with choosing the perfect color palette in her newly purchased home. “Donna”, as we’ll call her, wanted a Modern Farmhouse Color palette that would blend seamlessly from room-to-room within her large, southern-facing home. The house features mostly oak floors and the tricky part is that with all of her windows, the colors change throughout the day. Donna LOVES color and isn’t much for just neutral walls.

A Modern Farmhouse Color Consultation

What do I mean by “Modern Farmhouse Color”?

The popularity of “Fixer Upper” on HGTV has brought the Modern Farmhouse Color palette into the homes of many Americans. The soft beiges, blues, and greens all complemented with rustic woods, farmhouse sinks, white or cream cabinets, and accents that have the patina of time emotionally take us back to a simpler time. This is one of my favorite styles to work with in homes, and I was thrilled when Donna wanted help pulling a color palette together.

When I first spoke to Donna on the phone, she told me she loves blues and greens, but is NOT a fan of gray. Personally, neither am I. So before our first meeting, I went through my 4×4 paint chips and pulled about 30 colors to take with me for her Color Consultation. This helped narrow down some of her choices and not send us both in to overload.

Modern Farmhouse Color #1: SW 6106 Kilim Beige

SW 6106 Kilim Beige Paint Test

After Donna showed me around her new home and all of the spaces she wanted me to help with, I started by having her narrow down the colors that I’d brought along. By nixing the ones she wasn’t excited about early, we were able to start defining which colors she did like best. This house is a bit tricky – the lighting changes throughout the day, she had not yet torn out the pink tile in the foyer, and none of her furnishings have been moved in yet, so I didn’t have anyplace to start other than what she told me.

We started with the foyer. It was the room that drove her the most insane, and the one she’d already painted several samples on walls before I arrived. I went right to Sherwin Williams 6106 Kilim Beige and taped the sample to the wall. Both of us loved it immediately. Donna was surprised because she doesn’t usually choose such a neutral wall paint, but we’re covering this really dark red wine color. This is a photo with a sample painted on the wall.

And here is the foyer now that the walls have been painted & tile removed:

Modern Farmhouse Color: SW 6106 Kilim Beige Modern Farmhouse Color: SW 6106 Kilim Beige








WOW!! What a huge difference the right color can make in any room! The walls no longer feel like they’re closing in on you as you enter. The space feels much more light and airy, a signature of the Modern Farmhouse look.

Modern Farmhouse Color #2: SW 0068 Copen Blue

Our next big goal was to determine the Master Bedroom & Bathroom colors. We had narrowed the choices down to SW 0068 “Copen Blue” or SW 6225 “Sleepy Blue”. When you see the photo below, isn’t it amazing how the upper color, the Copen Blue, actually looks green? Donna did have a small pillow that she hoped to include in her new bedroom, so we used it for inspiration, and one of the colors had a more greenish-blue tint.

Modern Farmhouse Color: SW 0068 Copen Blue, SW 6225 Sleepy Blue

After testing both colors on all four walls and stepping back to look, we both agreed that Copen Blue was the winner in these rooms. Here are some after photos of the Master Bedroom & Bathroom, both of which are on the North side of her home:


Modern Farmhouse Color: SW 0068 Copen Blue
SW 0068 Copen Blue

As the sun moves throughout the day, this color swings the pendulum from green to blue and back again. It’s stunning with her oak floors.

Modern Farmhouse Color: SW 0068 Copen BlueIn the bathroom, Donna used Copen Blue again on the wall behind her GORGEOUS bathtub, but had the color cut by 25% when it was mixed for the rest of the walls. This gives the bathroom the feel of an accent wall, but with a perfect complementary color.

Modern Farmhouse Color #3: SW 6225 Sleepy Blue

I admit. I’m totally in love with this color. When it didn’t work out as well in the Master Bedroom, we decided to try it in Donna’s formal dining room. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!! Sleepy Blue was perfect in here!!

Modern Farmhouse Colors: Before - Dining Room

Modern Farmhouse Color: SW 6225 Sleepy Blue

There are some old-school peeps who say that Dining Rooms should be vibrant, exciting colors that stimulate the appetite. Not blues that depress the appetite. I don’t go with that school of thought – I’m all for suppressing an appetite! It’s never been a problem… If you want a blue dining room, or another subdued color, I say go for it!

This room previously was PINK. Even if it wasn’t meant to be, the sun reflecting off the wood floors made the room just glow. Anyone who knows me would know I’m a huge lover of pink, but it has it’s time & place. And this wasn’t the right room for it. By looking at blues, we were able to counter the pink and tone it down a lot.

Modern Farmhouse Color #4: SW 6227 Meditative

When I visited Donna last week to see her progress, the main part of the walls have been done, but she’s still going to finish the built-in units and the fireplace wall. At our Consultation, we had played with painting the fireplace wall and the back of the bookcases in a deeper blue, and went two shades down the same paint chip to find Meditative.

Modern Farmhouse Color: SW 6227 Meditative, 6225 Sleepy Blue

I love the way it will now pop out and add more interest to this long, gorgeous room. After seeing the samples, she totally agreed and is working on that now. I’m looking forward to her next invitation to see her progress in the space. Here’s a shot of the room now:

Modern Farmhouse Color: SW 6225 Sleepy Blue

Still more to Come in this Color Consultation Project!

Donna and I are still working on colors in 4 other rooms of her home – the kitchen, which is open to this room; the formal living & sitting areas; and the family room, plus the front door. In order to break up the blues & beiges, we’re working with different shades of greens for some of those.

And what did Donna have to say when she recently submitted a testimonial via Houzz.com, where she first found me?

Great to work with! I was struggling with some color selections / decor in north facing rooms, and she was tremendous help. She got the project off the ground quickly. Fun to work with and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

~ Donna, McGaheysville, VA


Need Help with your Modern Farmhouse Color Selection?

I make it easy! Here’s how it works:

  • Call me and tell me about your home. Colors you love. Colors you don’t.
  • We schedule your Consultation, usually within 48 hours. I know you’re dying to get started, or you wouldn’t have called in the first place. I save space in my calendar for new Clients who are ready to go right away.
  • I bring paper paint samples out and we tape them all over your walls. You and I work together to narrow your choices to up to 3 per room. I use Sherwin-Williams colors for all Color Consultations.
  • I purchase the paint samples for you and return within 7 days (if your schedule allows). Together we paint them on all of the walls in the room and look at how the light affects them. If we haven’t found the right color yet, we try again until you’re happy and ready to commit to a paint color.
  • I email you a summary of the exact colors and what we determined about each one. Very handy when you aren’t sure what we decided.
  • You can either paint it yourself or hire a pro.
  • I hope you invite me back, like Donna has done, to see the progress and discuss the outcome. If you need further help with your decor, I’m happy to help.
  • My Flat-rate Fees: $80 first room, $40 each additional room

I look forward to helping you define your style, choose your colors, and pull your rooms together into the home you’ve always dreamed of having.

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