One of the first things I like to ask my potential clients is “Do you use Pinterest?”. Or it could be Houzz. Or tearing photos out of magazines. Why is this so important to someone who loves creating a vision? Because those photos often carry a theme, and that is what I’m looking for. A glimpse into your soul.

Why Your Pinterest Boards Matter to Your Interior Decorator

What Feelings Do Your Photos Evoke?

Most of the time, a photo of a room or vignette evokes a feeling. I want to dig deeply enough to discover what that feeling may be for you. Is it romance? Calmness? Inspiration? Excitement? Adventure? Trendiness? I’m not looking to just copy the photo and say “Voila! Here’s the room you wanted!” – the goal is to create your own custom design that makes you feel as inspired as your photo collection. If you glance through the board below titled Vignettes (that’s my personal account), you’ll see that I like lots of cozy spaces and tons of flowers and candlelight.



What is Your Style?

We Decorators spent time studying Styles: Traditional, Transitional, French Country, Eclectic, Modern, Contemporary, and so on… By viewing several photos that have drawn your attention, I get a glimpse as to what your style preferences may be. If every room you’ve Pinned or collected features a barn door, a rustic table, and hydrangeas, I see the style development. I know right away you aren’t going to be drawn to sleek chairs with chrome arms as much as you are a tufted chair with a blanket and a good book. You may be more than one style – many of us are – but that’s where having a professional Decorator help you comes in. Someone like me can blend your style, with perhaps your partner’s style as well, and make it a great reflection of your tastes and personality that feels cohesive. The Pinterest board below is another personal one, my French Country Farmhouse Love board. I could pin to that one forever…



What do You Already Own that Can Work Here?

Most of the people I work with classify as ReDesign Clients. We aren’t starting over, we’re working with your current furnishings and accessories whenever possible. I bring in a fresh set of eyes to see the pieces and how they can work in ways you may never have imagined. Not only is this smart money management, it’s better for our world to reuse and recycle whenever we can. If we only need to source a few items to achieve the look, style, and function that will bring you joy, all the better.

Can You Find Me 10 Images on Pinterest?

With a gazillion photos on the web, there has to be SOMETHING out there that you absolutely love. Show me your favorite colors. A room you love. A style you love. Something that evokes passion from you. When you look at it, you think “THIS is ME. THIS is where I belong.” And then I can take that information and show you how to find YOU in YOUR home. Create your free account, create a board, and just start clicking Pin It. Send me an invitation to the Board, or just the link. Let me know what makes you tick, and I can create your custom space for you.

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