Before & After - ReDesign Project by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating, Harrisonburg, VA

Lorie called me in the fall of 2015 to help her with her new home in Meadowpoint of Harrisonburg. She was purchasing a new construction and had some great ideas that she wanted to try, but was looking for some professional advice. We would be incorporating some of her previous art and accessories, but she would be purchasing all items on her own with some direction from me. Lorie’s taste runs to Transitional with earthy neutrals, and that made it very easy for me to work with her.

Lorie’s Consultation

At the Consultation, she shared some of her ideas with me. The home was 99% complete at that time, just a few details that needed finished before she and her husband would be moving in.

One of her thoughts was that she wanted a sectional sofa. My job was to measure the space and account for all traffic flow and placement to best be able to view the television, which would be going in the corner. I gave her the measurements so that she could shop and know exactly how big she could go within her space.

As she shopped for her sectional, Lorie found that everything she was able to source locally was way too big for the measurements I’d given her at that initial meeting. When I went back for our second meeting, her new leather sofa (not a sectional) had been delivered and she was just starting to move in. These are a couple photos from that day:

Meadowpoint, Harrisonburg Virginia before Interior Decorating project by Crystal Ortiz
View of Dining area, before photo
Meadowpoint, Harrisonburg Virginia before Interior Decorating project by Crystal Ortiz
Living Room – Before

The Contract and Second Meeting

Lorie knows what she likes, and decided she would hire me for the Basic level contract so that I could help her with sizes, placement, and ideas. At our second meeting I worked on more measurements – rug sizes, window treatments, and furnishings she would like to add. We discussed ideas as to what to do with the corner in the living room by the french doors, and what would work best in her foyer area. I also gave her some ideas to protect her privacy in the master bathroom without blocking all of the light from the window.

She also wanted to be able to showcase the large windows in her new home. I recommended hanging them about 4″ below the ceiling and measured all of the windows. She wrote down the sizes for hardware and the length necessary of all the panels, and I gave her a combined width of 2 times the width of the window opening for the amount of panels she would need. One of the obstacles she encountered is finding pre-fabricated window treatments that are done in a custom size. Because Lorie is able to sew, she opted to purchase 102″ length panels at Hobby Lobby and hem the ends, allowing her to hang the curtains at the height she wanted. She also purchased an extra panel to be able to sew pillow covers. Genius!

In the eat-in kitchen, I measured the windows so that she could purchase valances that would allow the light in and not block the view. She and her husband were pretty quick with getting the window treatments hung, and she texted me a photo within just a few days. These are actually photos I took later, but you get the idea:

Window Treatments
The Eat-In Breakfast area
Kitchen Window
Kitchen Window

My third visit – Installations Begin

A few weeks later, Lorie and I set up an appointment for me to come help her with the placement of some of the items she’d purchased. I also gave her measurements for lamp shades, coffee table, end tables, and as we hung art & accessories she already owned, we discussed filling in gaps as the room started to take shape.

In the foyer, we hung a mirror and placed a table and lamps:

foyer/entry by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating
Foyer / Entry
Hanging Art and downplaying duct returns by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating
Hanging Art and downplaying duct returns

The walkway down the room is a very big, very beige wall with duct returns on it. There is no way to block them, but we could easily minimize their impact. As we worked that day, I pulled these two prints she already owned and hung them vertically. I bridged the gap to the floor and further downplayed the duct returns by placing this piece she already owned next to it. Lorie loved it and said she’d never thought of placing this art stacked like this.

Open Concept Living & Dining Room by Crystal Ortiz, Portfolio, Bluestone Decorating
Open Concept Living/Dining

From this view, you can see the art hung vertically to break up the long beige wall. I recommended at that meeting that Lorie find something tall, like a bookcase or hutch, but not more than 12-15″ deep to fill in the “living room end” of the room.

Open Concept Living & Dining Room by Crystal Ortiz, Portfolio, Bluestone Decorating
Open Concept Living/Dining

Other artistic placement decisions I made that day were to hang her baskets above the television, as you see here. Hanging any photos would have been distracting while watching tv, and this brought interest and dimension to the room. Adding a tall vase of reeds next to it helped blend the corner together near the curtains. We also hung the art between the windows on a diagonal, to break up the squareness of the windows and tables. This was one of Lorie’s favorite ideas I had.

Living Room Redesign by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating
Living Room

In the corner I previously mentioned, Lorie found a shorter version of the tall bookcase and added a floor lamp, accessories and a clock.

Dining Room by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating
Dining Room

Lorie already owned the art shown here and wanted to add a wine buffet area in her dining room. I recommended hanging the art about 7″ above the buffet and adding the ficus tree she already owned in the corner. Another recommendation I made was to raise the chandelier – the builder had hung it at full length and it was almost to the tabletop the first time I visited.

Master Bedroom art selection by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating Portfolio
Master Bedroom

In the Master Bedroom, all furniture and bedding choices were Lorie’s. My only recommendation here after seeing it right after she moved in was to find something with some shape and flow, perhaps an arch, to go above the bed to break up all the hard rectangles within the room. Lorie found this leafy metal piece and I think she did a fabulous job.

She’s Happy, I’m Happy

I love the way Lorie’s home came together, but more importantly – SHE is happy. At our final get-together, she had pretty much finished everything on her own and I gave her just a couple ideas for guidance as she settles in more. She even left me this awesome testimonial:

Crystal provided excellent and professional service. She was very helpful in assisting with ideas for my new house. She had great suggestions on how to incorporate old decorations with new items. I would highly recommend Crystal’s service for helping you with all your decoration needs.

If you think having an Interior Decorator help you with your home is beyond your budget, it’s time to start dreaming up ways I can be your Interior Decorator, just like I helped Lorie. Oh, and a last-minute funny: when guests recently visited Lorie overnight, the young lady walked in her home and told Lorie “You should be an Interior Decorator!” What a compliment!

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