My daughter Niki had been asking for a room redo and had been sharing ideas with me via Pinterest. So when she left for a mission trip to Guatemala, I felt it was a great time to do this special project for a special young lady. And keeping it a surprise was HARD. But while my daughter was out making a difference in the world, I was home working on this teen bedroom makeover. Note: This article was originally Posted on July 14, 2014 on my previous website, Encore Interior Decorating.

A Special Room for a Great Kid

Teen bedroom makeover - Before
Teen bedroom makeover – Before
Teen bedroom makeover - Before
Repairing the walls and preparing to paint.

Day 1: Empty the room. This was an adventure in itself, because this bedroom previously was my Momma’s, and she & Niki were now trading spaces. So we had to move Momma’s furniture out to the living room and then when the room was ready, move all of Niki’s furniture upstairs and “Gma’s” furniture was going downstairs. So G’ma and I got her room packed up and I’m grateful I have my teenage son Chandler, who spends a lot of time in the weight room to help me carry the queen sized bed and huge dresser, among other things, out of this room and start getting it ready for paint. My cousin’s teen son was also visiting, and John was a huge lifesaver as well. By late night Sunday, the room was emptied and I started filling in the imperfections in the walls.


The walls have been painted Sherwin-Williams "Indigo Batik" and we're now letting the freshly cleaned carpets dry.
The walls have been painted and we’re now letting the freshly cleaned carpets dry.

Day 2 (Monday): This was PAINTING DAY! And due to other obligations, I didn’t even get started until about 8:30 PM. But I persevered, and used every drop of paint imaginable, and managed to get both coats of paint on the walls by 2:30 AM. That’s WAY past my bedtime! But I needed the walls to be dry and didn’t want to have to clean it all up and then start again. Is that laziness? I hope not, I just wanted to be able to move on the the next phase.

Day 3 (Tuesday): I shampooed the carpets and let them dry overnight. My body needed a break from the painting session the night before anyway, so it was great timing.

Day 4 (Wednesday): I had a class that evening, so my main focus was detail work outside the room. G’ma’s old computer desk had been hauled to the Workshop and Charles had painted it, as well as her old chair and a set of lamps that were previously black iron. I’ll tell you more about the budget below – it was a doozy. I washed the bedding and curtains I’d purchased and continued letting the paint cure and carpets dry. We did hang the Roman Shade but that was about it inside the room.

My awesome son, the furniture mover & assembler
My awesome son, the furniture mover & assembler

Day 5 (Thursday):  MUSCLE DAY. Again, so grateful for my son and his help with this one. We dismantled Niki’s bed downstairs and carried all of the pieces (headboard, footboard, support rails, inside supports, 4 drawers and supports for the drawers, mattress…) upstairs and put it all back together. The desk had to be brought in, and I had found fabric to recover the seat cushion on the little chair. We also carried in her nighttables and her cubbies from downstairs and she’d had her eye on my oval stand mirror, so thankfully that was a trip across the hall. After assembling all of her furniture, we then had to get all of G’ma’s furniture downstairs and assemble it as well. My house looked like a hurricane had come through with boxes of personal belongings and furniture parts everywhere, but it was beginning to come together. Chandler helped me make the bed and hang the curtains, and we got the first glimpse of how the room was going to look.

I painted this art to go over Niki's bed.
I painted this art to go over Niki’s bed.


Day 6 (Friday): This was all about details. I’d found some canvases and painted irises in the colors of the room, and Charles had made me frames for them at the Workshop. Another shopping run for last minute details – paper for the bulletin board, more Command strips for the photos going on the walls, a wastebasket and yellow canvas cubes to replace the pink & purple ones she’d previously had… and just working all day to get the room pulled together.


Day 7 (Saturday): We knew Niki would be arriving home this evening, so the room had to be finished today. When I looked more closely at the canvases to go above the bed, I realized I really wanted a third one to go in the middle, so I quickly painted that so it could dry. I had a mirror that was just right over her vanity table/desk. Lots of photos to be hung on the walls. And then there was a completely blank area by her door, so G’ma ran to the store and picked up a coat rack to hold all of her hats & jackets. These are the final photos:

Custom art I painted for over the bed in this teen girl bedroom makeover by Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating
The set of 3 canvases I painted for over the bed. Beautiful blue & yellow irises.
Teen girl bedroom bedside bookcases
Teen girl bedroom bedside bookcases
This homework area also has mirrors and lighting to double as a vanity space in a teen girl's bedroom.
This desk serves double-duty: Great as a vanity area, but also works for doing homework or working on the laptop.
A simple coat rack for hats, backpacks, and jackets can help a teen stay more organized.
A simple coat rack for hats, backpacks, and jackets can help a teen stay more organized.
The oval stand mirror Niki had been eyeing for quite awhile.
The oval stand mirror Niki had been eyeing for quite awhile.
A view from the opposite corner - one wall of photos of her friends and family, including a photo she had texted me from Guatemala with the children there.
A view from the opposite corner – one wall of photos of her friends and family, including a photo she had texted me from Guatemala with the children there.


I mentioned earlier that I was working within a budget for this room. We are followers of Dave Ramsey’s, and had NOT budgeted to do a room makeover this month. So I got creative – I cashed in our change jar. We usually cash that in just before we go on vacation for our “mad money”, but we aren’t traveling this year so hubby said I could snag it. I had $230 to work with – tight! Now because I’m the designer and the laborer, it was doable – if you’re hiring someone else to do this, then you would need a bit more to work with. I also had a tight timeline, so ordering anything online was risky, and sometimes sourcing exactly what you’re looking for in the Greater Rockingham County area can be difficult.

How the Budget Broke Down

Bedding: Full size quilt & shams found at Kohl’s for 50% off, PLUS I had an extra 20% off coupon, PLUS I scored $10 Kohl’s Cash! Cost: $75. The navy knit throw and sheets were from TJ Maxx – $15 for the sheets, $20 for the throw.

Paint: I prefer Sherwin-Williams. Lucky for me, they had all paint & supplies on sale for 30% off, so my $60 gallon of paint and my $15 brush for cutting in came up to only $47. The color I used was “Indigo Batik” which is one of their Pottery Barn colors.

Curtains: Yellow draperies were $15/panel at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The navy roman shade was on clearance at Lowe’s for $15 but G’ma bought that and it didn’t come out of my budget. I should mention G’ma also bought the two throw pillows, but I had purchased fabric for $3/yard at Walmart to make a throw pillow and to cover her chair cushion.

Photos & Art: I printed updated photos from my computer and replaced older ones she already had. She was very surprised to see one that she’d taken in Guatemala and texted to me while she was there. We already had all of the canvases, so I just painted those in the room colors.

Accessories: Lampshades were $7 each at Lowe’s. I painted lamps we already had so there was no cost for those. All of her furniture we already had, so no furniture expenses. The flowers on her night table were on clearance at Michael’s, so 3x $1.19 and I already owned the Southern Living at Home vase. Yellow canvas boxes were $5 each at Home Depot (clearance item score!). The gift wrap that backs her bulletin board was 99 cents at Party City. I ended up going $2 over budget in the end. I can handle that!

When Niki arrived home and saw what had been done, it brought her to tears, which of course made me cry too. This was definitely a labor of love, but so worth it in the end.

Niki with the kids in Guatemala, July 2014.
Niki with the kids in Guatemala, July 2014. The girls loved braiding her hair.

Do you know an amazing young man or woman who would love to have a room created just for them? Summer is the perfect time to do bedroom makeovers for kids, especially if they’re at Camp or on a trip. Call me and discuss how I can help you give back to a kid who gives so much of themselves. And don’t miss my other post about Teen Bedrooms.

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