I love the idea of changing my window treatments seasonally. As the view outside your window changes, you can also make the entire feeling of your home change in less than 10 minutes. This is a fun, quick tip if you like a more DIY approach to your interior decorating.

An Easy, Inexpensive Update to your Window Treatments

Update your window treatments seasonally by using curtain clips and tablecloths.
Closeup of the curtain clips.

If you haven’t invested in custom windows, here is an inexpensive, quick and easy idea you can try in your own home.

You’ll need a couple sets of these curtain clips that will slide along your rod. Be sure that you get something large enough! If you have a 3″ rod, you’ll want clips at least 3.5″. I use two sets for each side, but only use an odd number. Clip to each end. Find the center and clip there. Work your way in to the middle so that each of the clips are evenly spaced. They aren’t overly expensive, but I’d recommend two sets per panel that you’d like to hang.

My Spring Window Treatments in the Living Room

Don’t you just love my Ralph Lauren fabric? Here’s the BIG secret – I’ve used two 84″ tablecloths to pull this off! And I found them both at TJ Maxx for only $17 each – SCORE! By using the clips, you can change them as often as you like. I’ve updated this look for Spring, but I can also change them in summer, fall, and Christmas. Just find two matching tablecloths and you can update each season with ease. Note: I went with 84″ because I’d hung my rods at that height 12 years ago and my husband has this “thing” about holes in the walls…

Hint: TJ Maxx and Ross are two of my favorite local spots for finding great items for Styling. I also picked up the Ralph Lauren candle stands for under $15 each, as well as the Ginger Jar you see here. I bought one more tablecloth to cut apart and sew into new curtains for my kitchen as well as a couple of throw pillows. It’s not necessarily what I do in a client’s home, but I love to be crafty & creative in my own home.

My Christmas Window Treatments in the Living Room

At Christmas, I hang plaid tablecloths as window treatments. The house feels so festive!
At Christmas, I hang plaid tablecloths as window treatments. The house feels so festive! Photo copyright Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating

And at Christmas, when the entire house is decked out from top to bottom, of course I hang special window treatments in the living room again. This time, two 84″ Christmas tablecloths, in the same plaid as all of my ribbons and the dining room table runner.

Fall & Winter Window Treatments – Navy Blue

Navy Blue Window Treatments for Fall Decorating
In the fall, I go with a solid navy blue window treatment. It forms a great backdrop for the fall colors. Photo copyright Crystal Ortiz, Bluestone Decorating

Because I want my fall decor to pop more, I go with a solid navy blue during the cooler months. After Christmas, the solid blue goes back on the windows. I tend to overdo it with the Christmas decorating and actually enjoy the simple, clean lines in the colder months before spring.

These are actual curtains used as window treatments, BUT – I still use the clips. It makes it so easy to unclip and then re-clip the next set.

What size Tablecloths should you use?

Don’t limit yourself to just 84″ tablecloths! Because there are so many lengths of cloth available, if your ceilings are higher and you want to hang 120″ cloths, go for it. If you’ve got a smaller window, try a square cloth. One of the best parts of this little DIY is that all of the hems are done for you, so you won’t have to sew them unless you’re truly customizing them. I love that I can get so much fabric for such a great price – fabric can be INSANELY expensive.

I’m not saying that custom window treatments aren’t the way to go. I personally LOVE them. I love all of the detailing that can go in to them as well – the trims, the overall design and the made-to-order fit. I recommend them whenever possible for design projects. But I do know they aren’t always feasible, or if you rent your home and it’s not a practical investment for you, I hope you enjoy this little tip and would love to know if you try it yourself.

Until next time… xoxo Crystal

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