Interior Design Begins with a Consultation

What is a Consultation, and Why do I need one?

Does this sound like you?

I just want to get some ideas and some guidance on my home decorating project(s). I need to bounce my ideas off a professional, pick her brain for an hour or two as to how she would decorate my house, and then I can decide if it’s something I want to do myself or find out more about hiring her to decorate for me.


I’m ready to redecorate my house. I’m tired of just making do and need an Interior Decorator to come help. I’m not sure what it would be like, or if I’ll even like her ideas, so I’d rather use this as a time to let her see my home, give me some feedback and advice, and then I’ll know whether I’m ready to move forward and update my home.

If so, then a Consultation is just the solution you need.


Let your imagination run and I will handle the details. Consultations allow you to find out more about working with interior decorator Crystal Ortiz.
What do you need help figuring out?

Consultations are meant to give you input and ideas, allow you to bounce your own thoughts off of me, and help you decide if hiring an interior decorator is the right choice for you.

They also offer me the opportunity to get the first look at your space, discuss your dreams and goals, and find out how best to serve you and your family. You’ll be able to tell me all about what you hope to achieve, which will allow me to start designing the final space in my imagination and begin thinking about how best to enhance your home to reflect the individuals who live there.

What does a Consultation Include?

  • 2 hours on-site evaluation, we can look at as many rooms as you choose during that time.
  • Perfect opportunity to tell me all of the dreams you have for your home, how you use specific spaces, and let me offer ideas to help you bring your dreams to life
  • Allows you, the Client, to pick my brain and decide if you would rather hire me to handle your Decorating Project for you.
  • I may recommend, based on what is in the room, other items you may consider adding. Or even stealing something from another room in your home and trying it in a new place. I’ll tell you how I would arrange the furniture, what you can do to enhance your space, and what you’ll need to look for as you progress.
  • General idea of paint colors but not necessarily the exact shade of paint to use.
  • Great for DIYers who want direction and needs professional opinion.
  • If you hire me to complete the project for you, I’ll use my notes to get started. If you prefer to DIY, I’ll leave my notes with you for your reference.

I have an entire blog post you can read here to learn more about the process.

No obligation or contract required. 

One-time visit only, with no follow-up appointments unless you choose to hire me to continue your project. Contracts are on-hand and ready to sign that day if you decide that you’re ready to get started.

Design Fee: $150 for the full two hour Consultation

* there is a travel surcharge for Consultations more than 20 miles outside zip code 22846.

Ready to get started? Call me at 271-2686 and let’s get you on my calendar. Consultations are done only during daylight hours, and I do my best to get yours finished within 48 hours of our phone call. I know you’re ready to get started right away!

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