When You’re Ready to ReDesign & Refresh Your Home

Does this sound like you?

Basic Interior Design Services“I have great taste & great pieces of furniture and art. But I can’t seem to really make it feel like I’ve always dreamed it would. I need an interior decorator to come pull the whole thing together so I can walk in each day and feel like my home is my Happy Place.”

If so, then a Room ReDesign may be just the solution you need.

A Room ReDesign is just that – I take your furnishings and combine them with customized paint colors and pieces you shop for (I give you the guidance). When you’ve got everything together and are ready to go, I return and spend the day pulling your home together. Whether it’s one room or several, together we can create the home you’ve always dreamed of having.

This basic level room redesign allows you to use what you already own, possibly adding a few new pieces, and achieve a designer look without breaking your budget.

So how exactly does this work?

My 8-step process makes it easy!

  • Step 1 – The Consultation.
  • Step 2 – Signing of Agreement, 50% of Design Fees due at this time
  • Step 3 – Trade Day – I get full measurements and photos, plus I bring in anyone you may be considering hiring, such as a Painter or Electrician
  • Step 4 – You complete all shopping or removal of items we aren’t using
  • Step 5 – All Tradesman work scheduled & completed
  • Step 6 – Furniture moving and Styling Day
  • Step 7 – Client Reveal
  • Step 8 – Client Closure Meeting

Ready to get started? Call me at 271-2686 and let’s get your Consultation on my calendar. It all starts with a site visit and Consultation, which are done only during daylight hours, Monday through Friday 10-6. There may be a travel surcharge in for projects more than 20 miles from zip code 22846.

Need more than just a Basic ReDesign?

Take a look at my Advanced & Premier Service Levels.