Bluestone DecoratingNot everyone needs an entire room redecorated from top to bottom. Perhaps it’s furniture rearrangement, window treatments, and color selection. Maybe it’s shopping for art or accessories. Maybe you just need some recommendations and want to shop on your own, and then have me come back to pull it all together for you. In this case, hourly design services may meet your needs better than a flat fee per room.

By hiring in hourly blocks, I can complete various projects throughout your home while still allowing you to control your budget.

So how exactly does this work?

Hourly services are pre-paid blocks of time that you hire me for. I charge $750 for 10 hours of time, and I track every moment that I work on your project. Whether that’s drawing floor plans, designing windows, sourcing furnishings or accessories, it all rolls together no matter how many rooms I’m working on. You’ll be notified throughout the process as to how much time is still available, and may choose to add additional time at any point.

You’ll still have access to all of my Tradesmen to complete your projects, so no worries about finding a painter, tile installer, or electrician.

Ready to get started? Call me at 271-2686 and let’s get your Consultation on my calendar. It all starts with a site visit and Consultation, which are done only during daylight hours, Monday through Friday 10-6. There may be a travel surcharge in for projects more than 20 miles from zip code 22846.

Looking to redecorate an entire room?

The average room can take 25-40+ hours for a full redecorating project. While you may choose to go with my hourly services for an entire room, you may find it is more economical to use my Flat Fee Services for full-scale redecorating. Click Here to learn more about why Flat Fees may be better for you.