Not Sure You Want to Make an Expensive Color Mistake?

Does this sound like you?

I just spent a fortune at the paint store and was SURE that color would look great in my home. After all of that time and money – I HATE IT!! What did I do wrong? Can anyone help me get it right?

If so, then a Paint Color Consultation is What You May Need

Paint Color Consultations


What does a Paint Color Consultation Include?

  • First, we chat on the phone about your home. You tell me your “Signature Style” (if you have one, if not click this link to read about it). Tell me what colors you love. What you hate. What inspires you? What about your mate? What does he/she think?
  • I will narrow down some choices for you based on what you tell me on the phone. Then I’ll bring my larger chips out to your home and we will look at them on the walls and in the daylight within your house until we narrow it down to (up to) 3 possibilities.
  • Within a few days, I return with the actual Sherwin-Williams paints and some brushes. Together we will test the samples on all of the walls of the potential room, and look at how the natural light may change the color in your home, for better or for worse.
  • Together we make decisions as to whether I’ve suggested a color you want to go with, or if you feel we need to try again (second attempt at no charge, additional charges apply beyond that).

No obligation or contract required. 

Once we’ve gotten your paint colors chosen, you’re free to start working on your home again. Need a professional painter? I can help with that, too. I work with several pros and can easily bring them in for an estimate.

Design Fee: $80 first room, $60 each additional room

Ready to get started? Call me at 271-2686 and let’s get you on my calendar. Consultations are done only during daylight hours, and I do my best to get yours started within 48 hours of our phone call. I know you’re ready to get started right away!

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