Staged Family Room - Before & After. Painting and using furniture better scaled to the size makes this a great room for relaxing and watching tv or playing a family game. Home Staging for Real Estate Agents in Harrisonburg Rockingham County.
Staged Family Room – Before & After.  No buyer wants to picture the life of laundry everywhere.

Experienced Real Estate Agents know that a home that is beautifully staged tends to sell faster than a house that is not. Also, vacant houses are often perceived to have a lower value than homes that are staged and can often receive “low-ball” offers from buyers who perceive that the owner is desperate to sell. Don’t let your listings linger on the MLS for months, or let your contracts expire after you’ve put months of work into selling a property. Having a Professional Home Stager work with your sellers can make your job so much easier. I offer Home Staging for Real Estate Agents in the Harrisonburg & Rockingham County area.


Why Home Staging Equals MORE Money for Real Estate Agents

A home is only worth what a buyer says it’s worth. If low-ball offers come in, an Agent’s commission goes down. Buyers are willing to pay more for a home they feel is Move-In Ready. If the average home price drops due to poor comps, the continued decline will reduce future commissions. Professional Staging can help the property show well, no matter the price point, and keep the market stabilized and growing.

The longer a property sits on the market, the more work the Agent must do to make the sale. More advertising. More Open Houses. A quick sale equals a higher hourly work rate for the Agent.

An Agent who has a reputation for quick sales will attract future clientele. More homes listed and sold mean more commissions AND more referrals from happy sellers.

Listings that do not sell before a contract expires mean that the Agent has invested countless hours and funds that they may never recover. Statistics show that Staged homes often sell in 50% of the time and usually close to the initial listing price. Don’t work for free, have your sellers Stage their properties.

90% of buyers look at properties online before they see them in person. Having a home completely photo ready will attract potential buyers and their Agents. Staging gets more buyers looking at the potential of the home for their family, and are more likely to visit the home in person. Poor photographs will not attract quality clientele.

Build your Brand & Credibility. Outsourcing to a Professional Stager shows clients you’re focused on your expertise – marketing and selling their home.

You know Selling Homes, I know Home Staging

Help buyers picture the lifestyle they can live in your home. Home Staging for Real Estate Agents in the Harrisonburg Rockingham County Area.
Help buyers picture the lifestyle they can live in the home.

How Staging Works with Me:

You introduce me to your seller BEFORE the photographer is scheduled. I spend 90 minutes taking photos and measurements, and I email a copy of The Report to both you and the Homeowner. The advice I give will target – in order or importance – the areas of the home to be addressed, what furnishings to remove, cleaning checklists, sketches of how to arrange furnishings, and everything I would do if I were doing the project, including recommended budget for the home. I offer a discounted rate to Real Estate Agents for this service, or you can have the homeowner hire me directly.

The Report will include everything I see through a buyer’s eyes that will help the property show well and bring in maximum offers. I prioritize what they should do from the front curb to the smallest closet, and advise as to what is a good investment for their Staging Dollars vs. what can be overlooked. Your only responsibility here would be confirm they do indeed get the home ready for listing and photography. I will advise you as to whether the homeowner will be doing the work independently or whether they are contracting me to do the work and our estimated date of completion. Depending on the amount of work, my goal is always to have the home ready for show within 14 days of the Consultation.

I offer several levels of service specially designed and priced for Agents who want to build a reputation for having the best listings and fast sales. I want the home to sell quickly for the homeowner as well as the Agent, help you earn higher and more frequent commissions, and build your reputation locally as the Selling Agent that gets results – FAST.

What Level of Service Suits Your Needs?

Professional – Level 1 Service

Real Estate Agents can contract me on an as-needed basis for the Consultation and Prioritized To Do List. There is no long-term commitment, this is a value added service that you offer your clients so they can either get their home ready for sale on their own, or they contract my services directly to Stage their home. My fee to Agents is $70, a $30 savings over direct-to-homeowner cost. No contract. *Note: Client Responsible for taking Notes at this price level.

If you want the full Report emailed to your client, the cost is $150 for Agents, a $100 savings over direct-to-homeowner cost.

Preferred Realtor Club – Level 2 Service

Individual Agents who want to hire me on a frequent basis have the option of keeping my services on Retainer. Agent sets up recurring billing with me for a flat fee and gets unlimited consultations each month. I will work with each of your clients in the same manner as outlined above. You control your expenses and know that you can call me with as little as 24 hours to meet your seller (when scheduling allows). This service also includes a “fluff” the day of your Open House to check that everything looks just right for buyers and their Agents. Cost: $400/month

Premier Agency – Level 3 Service

This level of service guarantees that I will meet with every new listing client in your entire Agency. Unlimited Staging Consultations for ALL of your Real Estate Agents. The cost for this is $3,000 per month and I can do up to 3 Consultations per day (that could be up to 60 Consultations per month a $1200 savings!).

I also offer options such as:

  • Weekend-Only Open House furniture/accessory rentals for vacant listings (additional fee, paid by seller)
  • Available to view potential homes with your buyers to help them visualize. Think “Fixer Upper”.
  • Housewarming Gifts for your Buying clients – any agent can choose to give them a Basic Interior Decorating Consultation for $25 ($100 value)
  • I have a professional photographer available to you at a great rate for listing photos if needed

What’s Your Next Step?

  • Let’s chat. Call me at 271-2686. Tell me about your business. Some of the listings you’re having trouble with. What I can do to help your business succeed.
  • What level of service do you need? A one-time Consultation, unlimited Consultations, or introduce me to your Office Manager to discuss helping all of the Agents in your Office?
  • Start introducing me to your Homeowners. Let me do the Consultation as you do the Walk-Through and get the specifics. That will speed the process up and I get to have those not-so-fun conversations about kitty litter smells or decluttering. You get to stay the “good guy/gal”.
  • Download or Share my free publication “20 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast” with your clients and colleagues.