With my son on a school trip to Europe, and moving my middle child to her first apartment, the timing was perfect to give this growing teen boy a bedroom that would better fit his needs and size.

Teen Boy Bedroom Makeover

The plan had been brewing for almost a year. We had signed Chandler up for the trip to London, Paris, Florence, and Rome in September 2014 and we knew he’d be gone for 10 days in July 2016. Now that he’s 16 years old, almost 6′ tall and over 200 lbs. he wasn’t fitting into his small room with a twin bed very well. And the hostess in me hated finding his friends sleeping on his floor with a random blanket he tossed at them. With Niki moving at the same time, it seemed crazy to continue cramming him into the smallest bedroom at home, when there was a room almost twice as large next door.

Although I would have preferred to get him a Queen, he wanted floor space left in the room so we compromised and got a Full. In fact, he wasn’t even out of the country yet when I had gone to Mattress Warehouse (ask for Josh – he’s awesome!), picked out a bed that was in-stock, and made arrangements to come back that evening with hubby’s truck to get it.

Teen Boy Bedroom Textiles are BORING

OMG!! Why is it so hard to find something in stores for teen boy bedrooms???

I wasn’t painting the room. This is the same bedroom that I had redone for Niki two years ago.The wall color would be Sherwin-Williams “Indigo Batik”, but Chandler’s favorite color is red. I was trying to find a comforter that would pull those two together without looking like it belonged on a flag or a sailboat. This is supposed to have a more grown-up feel, not juvenile, but bedding in stores targets women and girls mostly. And honestly, if you ask a guy, most of the time they don’t care. 🙁 But I cared, and was on the hunt.

After striking out at Kohl’s, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond, I checked Ross. SCORE! I found a queen size (I wanted the overhang and no bed skirt) set from Nautica that had the red, navy, white, pale blue, gray, and even a little beige stripe in it. Solid dark gray on the reverse. And it was even better because the comforter and two shams were only $60, as opposed to $150 at BB&B for a similar set.

A couple days later when Niki and I were shopping for her apartment stuff, she picked out his sheets. They are a Tommy Hilfiger pale blue ticking stripe with little whales embroidered all over. $25 for the set at TJ Maxx. She thought he would love them, and I liked them as well. I wanted something light but not solid, because he does play sports and works and sometimes teen boys are just dirty. It’s okay, they do outgrow it eventually.

Closeup of the bedding used in Chandler's new room
Closeup of the bedding used in Chandler’s new room

The wall area where the TV would go is much smaller than what was in his previous room, so we reworked the components a bit. Don’t you love the Spotswood logos my Momma printed out for him to label his bins? Yes, we bleed Blazer Blue in our house! I didn’t get a chance to style the shelves very well, as I did need to go pick him up from the airport, but you get the general idea.

Chandler's reworked Entertainment Center

His previous desk was way too big for this space, and as his sister no longer needed her little white one, we turned it in the corner and put his bulletin board above it. She had given him this full-size wastebasket but has since texted me that she needs it in her kitchen, so I’ll be replacing that for him yet. I’ll probably hunt for red, so it not only looks good but might attract his attention to actually use it. His oversize office chair fit better having plenty of space behind it, and by adding white curtain panels the room feels light and bright.


And the photo below shows the view of the room from the doorway. My intention is to frame some of the photos he took in Europe to go over the bed, but I knew if I didn’t get pics of this space before he got home, I’d probably never get the opportunity to do it later.


Next project for my house: Chandler’s old bedroom will become a guest room! I’m thinking of going lavender in there, to make it a calm spot for either of my girls coming home to visit. And my young friend Molly has told me she would like lavender and would be willing to occupy my guest room when I need a “kid fix” and she needs a vacation from her older brothers. I think I’ll hire her to help me, even though she’s only 10. Stay tuned, although don’t expect much before fall.

Before & After Photos

Before & After: Navy Blue Teen Bedroom

I’m hoping Chandler will enjoy this room for the next couple years. He will start his Junior year of high school next month and I am just happy to have him home again.


Do you have a teen who needs their room updated? Or maybe it’s your room that has been neglected? Call me to chat about doing a room ReDesign before summer ends and life gets crazier again.

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