Client Testimonials about Bluestone Decorating

I love to help clients solve a decorating dilemma. And nothing beats being able to read testimonials from previous clients so you’ll know what to expect when working with me. Hearing what others had to say after I helped them with their Interior Decorating or ReDesign projects may be your deciding factor as to whether you’re ready to call me to help with your own home. Whether you’re just needing some opinions and direction with your home, or want a full space overhaul, my clients have LOVED the results they’ve gotten with me. Read their testimonials, in their own words:


Just a few Words from Happy Clients

Mr. O’Bryan hired me to redecorate several rooms in his mountain farm home:

Crystal Ortiz of Bluestone Decorating is exactly who I needed to help me decorate my mountain farm home. I know nothing about decorating and I am color blind. Crystal was just what I needed. She met with me and found out what I needed. She came back with suggestions and budgets to accomplish my goal. The final decision was always mine. I like that I got a budget figure before we began the project. She delivered on the budget and on the schedule. Crystal kept me informed of progress every step of the way.Her ideas and suggestions were right on the money. I love what she did for me and I am looking forward to enjoying my “new” farm house. I would definitely hire her again. She was honest and forthright with me and she bent over backwards to deliver what I wanted.

~ Wayne O’Bryan

Donna called me in to help her with Color Selection for her new home:

Great to work worth! I was struggling with some color selections / decor in north facing rooms and she was tremendous help. She got the project off the ground quickly. Fun to work with and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Emily was the President of the Sorority House I redecorated, and she and I were in close contact about decisions throughout the process. Here’s what she thought:

Crystal decorated my sorority house living space. Having to please 250 girls is quite the challenge and Crystal did such an amazing job taking the time to learn our chapter’s personality and how to best reflect us through the space. She was extremely easy to work with and flexible with us. I would definitely recommend working with her!”

– Emily, Phi Mu Gamma Theta, James Madison University

And Sheila was my contact with Phi Mu National Headquarters, the person who made the decision to hire me:

“After finding Crystal listed on the Houzz website and having a lengthy conversation regarding the details of our project, our decision was made immediately due to Crystal’s professional knowledge and ability to work within our timeline. Crystal was able to select appropriate furniture and décor for a large sorority space that needed to follow university guidelines as well as national organization guidelines and met our deadline with a close eye on our budget. Crystal was able to take a specific color palette and transform our vision into a realty with custom window treatments, on trend décor and durable furniture. I would highly recommend Bluestone Decorating for future projects and enjoyed working with Crystal at each level.”
– Sheila Mendoza, Housing Coordinator, Phi Mu Headquarters

Michelle recently moved to the area and needed help decorating several rooms in her new home:

Glad I called her!

“Crystal’s initial consultation gave me direction in the rooms that I wanted to focus on. She was easy to talk to and able to respect my style while providing advice on what to think about when choosing the furniture I need. I’m very glad I called her!”

– Michelle, Harrisonburg, VA


Donna asked me to help her because her daughter & grandchildren would soon be moving to Virginia and would be staying with her:

Crystal Ortiz came to my home at my convenience. She answered my questions regarding improvements to furniture layout, decor, and colors in each of the rooms. She was both respectful and attentive to my questions, concerns, and requests. Crystal even suggested ideas for making certain rooms (such as a small child’s room) storage efficient and child friendly. Her help was invaluable. Hearing her ideas and encouragement reinforced my hopes for my home.

~ Donna – Massanutten, Virginia


Terry asked me to help her reimagine her Massanutten Home. She wanted a more open-concept feel for her awkward, tucked-away kitchen:

I had a very difficult kitchen layout and could not figure out how to reconfigure the layout. Crystal had several ideas that made my kitchen function more efficiently. She came to my house and immediately just starting shooting out several ideas that made so much more sense than what I originally had. She had a great eye for detail and asked several questions to really find out how our family would benefit from the changes. I am very pleased with the new design.
~ Terry – Massanutten, Virginia


Amanda is building a brand new home and was overwhelmed by all of the choices. I helped her define her style a bit and come up with some color concepts, and pointed out a couple of things she might want to consider changing in her floor plan:

Crystal Ortiz really took the time to look through my ideas and get an understanding of my style. She pointed out some different things about our floor plan that we might want to consider, and, in particular, helped guide me in understanding what I was likely looking for in a few rooms in the house that had me stumped. She did a great job.
~ Amanda, Penn Laird, Virginia


Lorie had recently downsized and was moving into a brand new home. She wanted a bit of guidance and direction to incorporate new furnishings with items she already had:

Crystal provided excellent and professional service. She was very helpful in assisting with ideas for my new house. She had great suggestions on how to incorporate old decorations with new items. I would highly recommend Crystal’s service for helping you with all your decoration needs.
~ Lorie, Harrisonburg, Virginia

So now the question is – How can I help you?

Do you have a decorating dilemma?

What are you struggling with? An awkward space you just can’t find a good use for? Hate the color on your walls and don’t want to pick something just as bad? Ready to sell your home and want the most amount possible for your current one? Are you just in DIY Hell and need a way out of it? Unfinished projects everywhere? Tell me your problems and I will help you solve them.

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