Discovering Your Signature Color Palette – Part 3 of the Signature Design Series

Defining Your Signature Interior Decorating Color Palette

Now that you’ve started to pinpoint where you would like your Signature Design Style to take you, it’s time to work on your Signature Color Palette. The colors you decide on should reflect the style you’re working in, will define whether your home feels “warm” or “cool”, and will set the tone for flattering YOU […]

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Your Home is a Judgement-Free Zone

Let your imagination run and I will handle the details.

There is an article circulating the interwebs from House Beautiful titled “13 Things Designers Notice the First Time They Enter Your Home” and it’s caused much discussion in the world of Designers and Decorators. OMG, is THIS why no one wants us to come over??? Fear of judgement??? Last year I went to a birthday party […]

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